10 Easy DIY Wood Art Projects That are Affordable and Simple to Build

10 Easy DIY Wood Art Projects That are Affordable and Simple to Build

One of the best ways to make your home even more beautiful than currently is adding DIY wood art to both your indoors and outdoors. Good news for you is that there are tons of amazing and eye-catching home wood art that you can create easily and affordably.

DIY wood art projects are your chance to showcase your creativity and originality. More importantly, it is an opportunity for you to add your personal touch to your home. Also, by creating wood art and then decorating your home with it, you may inspire people visiting your home to make changes to their own homes, which is something you can be proud of.

So, what are the great DIY wood projects that can you complete easily at your home without much expense? There are tons of options to pick from. However, we have chosen the following 10 DIY wood art projects that are easy to build and won’t put too much burden on your finances. Let’s start with the list.

1. Wood Slice Mirror Frame

A DIY project that involves cutting a lot of slices of a wooden branch, the wood slice mirror frame has an incredible amount of charm and great quality. This wood art project can be a prominent part of any bedroom makeover project. The DIY mirror frame will look great in your living room as well. The tool list, materials, and instructions for building the wood slice mirror frame can be found on Jamie Costiglio.

2. DIY Wood Cheese Board

Although you can’t use it as home décor, a DIY cutting board is one of the most useful things that you can build for your home. Besides this, this DIY wood art is extremely easy to build. A hardwood board, a saw to cut it, a paintbrush, sandpaper, and a finish are all that is needed to complete this project. You can beautifully display appetizers on the DIY wood cheese board after building it. You can get the tools list and instructions for building this DIY cutting board on homeDIT.

3. DIY Wooden Picture Holders

If you’re looking for décor to personalize your desks, then a DIY wooden picture holder is a great option. You can personalize your space and show your best shots by creating an affordable and easy to build wooden picture holder. Some wood, a spray paint, and a little bit of creativity are all that is needed to complete this DIY project. The tools list and instructions for building DIY wooden picture holders can be found on PASSIONSHAKE.

4. Easy Quilt Ladder

If you’re looking for a functional décor item with a rustic accent, then the easy quilt ladder can be a great choice for a DIY wood art project. An extremely straightforward wood art project, the easy quilt ladder can be built affordably and with minimal tools/materials. This DIY wood art is a great choice for both its function and aesthetic appeal. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the easy quilt ladder can be found on Sydney Makes Stuff.

5. Cake Stand

If you want to test your creativity, then you should try your hand at this DIY wood art project. A piece of wood art with a rustic look, the DIY cake stand can bring a welcome change to your home’s ambiance. You can use it as a centerpiece in your living room to enhance the look of the space. You can also present this DIY wood art to someone as a gift; they will love you for it. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY cake stand can be found on homeDIT.

6. Easy Wooden Signs

Love rustic wooden signs but have always found them too difficult or complicated to build? Well, there are many others like you. The good news is that now you build wooden signs at home. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building easy wooden signs that will look great on your door can be found on Salvaged Inspirations.

7. DIY Plywood Art Piece

If you aim to create a piece of wood art that has no function but is great to look at, then the DIT plywood art piece is a great option. Although this wood art project has no practical purpose, it can help create a gorgeous display that guests won’t stop looking at. The DIY plywood art piece will look great in your dining room. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for this DIY wood art project on homeDIT.

8. DIY Rustic Centerpiece

Another piece of décor for your dining or living room, the DIT rustic centerpiece is a great wood art project that will provide you with a useful and versatile décor item made from wood. The tools list, materials, and instructions for the DIY rustic centerpiece can be found on Love Grows Wild.

9. DIY Wood Slab Serving Tray

A practical and decorative piece of wood art, the wood slab serving tray can be a great addition to your dining table before the holiday season. An easy DIY wood art project, the slab serving tray can be painted to create an attractive/aesthetically pleasing serving tray for your home. This DIY project can be accomplished without any problems and you can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building it on homeDIT.

10. Wood Slice Clock

The tenth and final DIY wood art project on our list is the wood slice clock. Easy to build, the DIY wood slice clock will add a classic and natural touch to your home. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building the slice clock on The Summery Umbrella.

There you have it—10 easy DIY wood art projects that are affordable and simple to build.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Tool Shed

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Tool Shed

If you leave your tools out in the open for an extended period, then even the best rust-resistant coating in the world won’t save them from harm. The good news is that inexpensive materials and modular construction have now made it easy and affordable to build a tool shed.

By constructing a tool shed, you can create a clean, dry and secure place from where you can easily access your tools. Also, if you use cedar to construct the shed, then the shed will be naturally resistant to rot. This means that the shed will protect your tools from both pests and precipitation. Here, we will provide you with all the details about how to build a tool shed. Let’s get started.

Some Tips for Getting Started with the Construction of a Tool Shed

Before we reveal how to build a tool shed, we want to provide you with some useful tips for getting started with the tool shed construction. First and foremost, you should that this is a simple and low-cost construction. You can build the parts for the construction in your garage and assemble them with your own bare hands.

Another reason for the low overall cost of this construction is that it involves modes finishes like fiberglass shingles, composite trim, and OSB siding which are not that costly. Also, since it is easy to build and assemble the shed with your own hands, you can save hundreds of dollars that you would have otherwise spent on labor.

The wood platform foundation and the modular construction of the shed mean that it can be constructed virtually anywhere including on sloping or remote sites. A tool shed has a simple constriction that only requires a circular saw and standard carpentry tools. If you can get a friend or family member to help you with the construction, then you can get the shell and platform ready in two to three days. It will take another couple of days to complete the windows, roofing, doors, trim, and siding to build the shed.

Whether or not you will need a permit for the shed will depend on how it is constructed and the materials you’ve used. We recommend getting in touch with your local building department to find out if you require a permit for the tool shed or not. The last bit of advice that we will give is to choose an appropriate location for the shed. This is important for building a stable shed that can provide the right amount of protection to your tools. We can now start with the step-by-step guide to build a tool shed.

The Items to Gather

The first and foremost thing you need to do to build a shed for your tools is to gather everything that you will need to construct the shed. Following is a list of items that you will need for building the tool shed:

  • Three 2×4 frames
  • Plywood shelves
  • Tongue-and-groove cedar boards
  • Wood glue
  • 2×6 header
  • 1×2 lumber
  • 1×3 strips
  • Nails
  • Circular saw
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Once you have gathered the above-mentioned items, you can start to construct the tool shed. The first step to do that would be assembling the framing.

1. Assemble the Framing

The three 2×4 frames will have to be built by you

  • Make sure the frames you create have a center crosspiece and a top that is angled
  • Once the frames are created, connect them at the top and bottom’s front and back
  • Nail the 1×2 lumbers around the openings of the door at the framing’s front side
  • Take the 2×6 header and glue it across the front using the wood glue. Screw the header as well to ensure it sticks properly
  • The frame is assembled

2. Build Floor and Shelves

Once you have assembled the framing, the next step would be to build the floor and shelves. Following are the steps to do that:

  • Cut a plywood piece that can fit into the framing’s base. To allow the piece to align with the 1×2 lumbers in the front, let a ¾-inch be overhung
  • Level the plywood to allow it to fit around the framing. Use glue and screw to set the plywood in place
  • Provide the needed support to the shelving by screwing crosspieces into the middle
  • After it is cut, screw down the plywood shelving

3. Slide the Shed

After you’ve built the floor and shelves, the next step would be to slide the shed. Following is how you need to do that:

  • Using nails, connect the frame’s exterior with the tongue-and-groove cedar boards. Connect the boards to the exterior on the back and sides
  • Use a circular saw to cut the boards’ top edges flush with the framing

4. Attach the Roof

Once the shed has been slid, you can start to attach the roof. Following are the steps to do that:

  • Using nails, connect the top of the frame with tongue-and-groove cedar boards
  • Overhang the roof on the front and sides

5. Build and Hang the Doors

The fifth and final step to build a tool shed involves building and hanging the doors. Following are the steps to do that:

  • To get the doors to fit below the header, cut them to the height of the doors
  • To hold the 1×3 strips together, screw them across the back
  • Next, attach each door’s frame with a 1×3 frame
  • Using heavy-duty hinges, attach the doors to the shed

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to build a tool shed where you can store all your tools and keep them safe from any damage.

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The Best Woodworking Projects for Christmas 2019

The Best Woodworking Projects for Christmas 2019

With several months still left to the holiday season, now would be a great time to learn about some woodworking projects for Christmas. This way, you’ll be able to make items out of wood which you can proudly gift to your near and dear ones this Christmas.

Why have we picked Christmas woodworking projects when the holiday season is so many months away? Because the holiday season and Christmas provide some great ideas and inspiration for woodworking projects that can be performed at home without any fancy equipment. If you’re ready to get a little crafty this Christmas, then following are some great Christmas woodworking projects. The best thing is that you will have plenty of time to perfect them.


1. Peppermint-Striped Candlesticks

1.	Peppermint-Striped Candlesticks

Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • A 4×4 fence post
  • A candy-cane paint treatment
  • Tea light

You only need these items and a toolbox comprising of a saw, a hammer or a drill, and some nails to build the wood candlestick. Following are the instructions to complete this woodworking project:

  1. Cut the 4×4 post into the desired sizes
  2. Use the Candy-Cane paint treatment to strip the 4×4 fence post pieces that you have cut
  3. Allow the candlesticks to dry
  4. Drill a hole to allow tea lights to sit on top of the candlesticks
  5. Your peppermint-stripped candlesticks are ready to be gifted

2. A Tea-Light Candle Holder Centerpiece

2.	A Tea-Light Candle Holder Center Piece

This is another easy Christmas woodworking project. It will not take you longer than 20 minutes to build a tea-light candle holder centerpiece. Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • A live edge slab that is easy to accommodate on the center of your dining table
  • A 1.5″ spade bit
  • Tea lights
  • Polycrylic protective finish

Once you have the above-mentioned things with you, you can start to build a tea-light candle holder centerpiece in the following way:

  1. Start by sanding the edges of the live edge slab
  2. Drill a hole to your tea light’s depth by using the 1.5″ spade bit
  3. Using a layer of polycrylic, seal the edges
  4. You’re done

This is how easy it is to build a tea-light candle holder centerpiece to gift this Christmas.


3. Wood Slice Ornaments

Wood Slice Ornaments fro Christmas

Wood slice ornaments is another one of the easy Christmas woodworking projects. Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • Wood log
  • Jute twine
  • Paint/metallic markers
  • Drill machine

Once you’ve gathered these items, you can get down to work. Following are the instructions for building wood slice ornaments:

  1. Slice the wood log into small pieces in the shape of discs
  2. Drill a tiny hole in the disc pieces (big enough to insert the jute twine)
  3. Insert the jute twine into the hole
  4. Use paint or a metallic marker to decorate the wood slices
  5. Your wood slice ornaments are ready


4. A Wood Lantern

A Wood Lantern for Christmas

With the easy woodworking projects for Christmas out of the way, its time we got down to the real business which is building gifts out of wood that will leave your friends and family in a state of awe. Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • Four feet of 1×2 wood. This wood will need to be cut into four 12″ pieces
  • 1 wine crate
  • A table saw
  • Polycrylic protective finish
  • A reciprocating saw
  • Titebond wood glue
  • A paint or stain combination of your liking
  • Miter saw or box
  • A hammer
  • 18 x 3/4-inch nails
  • 2″ brad nails
  • A nail-gun

Once you have gathered the above items, you can start to work on the wood lantern. Following are the instructions/directions to build it:

  1. The first step would be to deconstruct the wine crate. Use the reciprocating saw for this purpose. If you don’t have access to a reciprocating saw, then you can use a jigsaw or hand-saw. However, avoid using a coping saw, as it is extremely unstable and there’s a good chance of you breaking the blade.
  2. The next step would be cutting the wine wood to produce the upper and lower half for your lantern. Make sure the lower half for your lantern is big enough to accommodate your candle and glass votive’s diameter. Ideally, it should be 7″ wide and have a depth of 16″.
  3. Using the table saw, cut your piece. Start by cutting the outline at 90° and then change to a 45° angle before shaving off the edges once more.
  4. Take your 1×2 legs and apply a small amount of wood glue to them. Use a nail gun to secure the edges of your top and bottom squares.
  5. Using nails and wood glue, add between the legs little inside pieces. The size of your big squares and the positioning of your legs should determine your measurements.
  6. Layout a square that is a tad smaller than your lantern topper’s dimensions. Just like what you did in the case of the top square, cut this square using a table saw at 90° and the change to a 45° angle to continue. Using a small nail and wood glue to secure in place.
  7. Finally, use a 1×2 scrap piece and cut a 45° miter on both sides. It is recommended that users do this with a miter box, as it will keep your fingers safe. The cut should look somewhat like a pyramid.
  8. You can either leave your wood raw at this point or apply polycrylic plus stain paint if the lantern is meant for the outdoors.
  9. Your wood lantern is ready.

Christmas is a great time to show love and affection towards your family and closest friends. One of the best ways to do is by gifting items made with your own bare hands. You can do this by working on the best Christmas woodworking projects listed above.

10 Woodworking Outdoor Furniture You Can Easily Create

10 Woodworking Outdoor Furniture You Can Easily Create

Outdoor furniture projects are the most useful kind of woodworking projects any person can take on. They are stimulating, exciting and very interesting, as any other woodworking project is, but they have the extra advantage of substantially contributing to your home value and aesthetic appeal. While there are lots of outdoor furniture plans free to read and imitate around the Internet, this article tries to compile an easy-to-understand list of outdoor furniture projects you can take on if you have the proper tools and skills, so you can decide for yourself how to make your backyard stand out of the crowd. Let’s check it out: 1. Bench A woodworking bench is one of the most iconic projects that anyone can think of. Building the bench to your exact taste, varnishing the finished product and then sitting on it to read the newspaper on a Sunday morning is a sensation you most definitely must experience for yourself. The process of building a woodworking bench is way simpler than people tend to think. You just have to get the right wood and look for some outdoor furniture plans free to use for it. In no time, you could have a beautiful addition to your backyard! 2. Pet bowl stand While nowadays a lot of people allow their pet dogs or cats inside the house, there’s no denying that they certainly enjoy running free around the grass in the backyard. It is very simple to create an elegant pet bowl stand for their water and food bowls, so they don’t have to go inside for drinking or eating. A pet bowl stands for outdoors has also the advantage of keeping the house cleaner, since pets tend to be a little messy while eating. 3. Morris chair A Morris chair is a thick wooden chair that will bring your backyard to a whole new level. They are simple to build and very durable when the wood is treated appropriately (you will have to investigate proper wood-coating treatments so that the weather doesn’t destroy your creation). A great addition to a bench, a Morris chair made by you can bring to life a once-dull patio. 4. Picnic table There is nothing like enjoying a family picnic on a warm weekend at your own backyard. If you are a woodworking enthusiast and you want to add a new piece to your garden that not only looks beautiful, but also helps bring the family together or impress your neighbors, you should definitely consider building a picnic table. You might be surprised at how easy it actually is! 5. Castle Playhouse There is no denying that every little girl dreams about a castle playhouse in her own playground. But, while buying a pre-made castle playhouse might get a little expensive and the models available won’t ever be as perfect for your little girls as one designed exactly to their tastes, building a castle playhouse is way cheaper, infinitely more fun and will almost always result in priceless family bonding. There are lots of basic designs available online for free, and you can adopt any one of them to the particular tastes and needs of your little girls. This is a gift they will never forget! 6. Treehouse Similarly to a castle playhouse, a tree house is something every boy wants to have. Even more so, building one with their dad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will remember and talk about for years. You just need to always remember that a design or construction mistake could end up in an accident, but if you are careful, use the proper materials and do your research, you can enjoy countless hours of fun building a tree house and then even sometimes getting inside it with your kids for a delightful family time! 7. Wooden planter A wooden planter is a woodworking project that has two amazing features in one: first, plants always brighten up any garden and help the environment, and second, they are a really interesting and simple woodworking project that you can take on at any time. If you find it easy, you can always make more: the only limit on how many planters you can have on your garden is the space available. 8. Sandbox Little children love to play in sandboxes, and they are one of the easiest outdoor woodworking projects you can try. It is only a matter of making a huge box, firmly attach it to the ground and filling it with sand and your kids will be all set for hours of fun! 9. Arched garden bridge If you are lucky to have a big backyard, you should really make the best of it by taking on an arched garden bridge project. It is an elegant adorn that certainly will give your garden a luxurious vibe, and the best thing about it is that it’s actually pretty cheap and easy to build. What are you waiting for? 10. Tree bench A tree bench is an incredible piece of furniture that can make your garden stand out of the crowd if you happen to have a big tree at the center of it. They are usually shaped as a hexagon and are perfect for reading or enjoying a cup of tea under the shadow of your tree. So all of these projects can be created with some handy tools and plans. If you are an experienced woodworker or carpenter then these projects are the great place to try out. What you have to say? Please leave your feedback below in comment box.
10 Easy And Simple Woodworking Projects for Kids

10 Easy And Simple Woodworking Projects for Kids

Woodworking is a hobby often perceived as more appropriate for middle-aged men working long hours by themselves at their shed, but reality couldn’t be more different. Woodworking can be done by entire families and, as long as children are properly supervised and don’t go near any of the power tools frequently involved, it can be a very fun familiar time. Woodworking projects for kids are those that focus more on the assembly and decorating of individual pieces –previously cut and sanded by an adult- to form cool and artistic pieces the whole family can enjoy. Take a look at these simple wood projects for kids: 1. Birdhouse Building and painting a birdhouse is probably the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when trying to think about easy wood projects for kids. The kids gathered around a patio table, painting and assembling the pieces for a pretty birdhouse and the older ones even helping the adults to drive the nails in, is a very traditional image that anyone with kids has had in their mind at some point. It is a pretty unforgettable moment when the kids go out to the backyard and discover that the first bird has settled in the birdhouse they built. 2. Wood wagon A wood wagon is a very fun toy that little children find incredibly amusing. When they’re little enough, they can sit inside and be pushed around the yard and, as they grow older and no longer fit inside, they can easily use it to transport their toys around the house. As far as simple wood projects for kids go, a wood wagon probably ranks among the simpler. Kids can help glue some of the parts together and paint it, and a responsible adult can safely attach the wheels to make sure no accident occurs. 3. Jewelry box With a little help from an adult when it comes to designing, measuring and cutting the individual pieces of wood required, kids around the age of 11-12 can find great pleasure in making a jewelry box as a gift for their mom. They can glue the parts together, screw the hinges in and decorate the finished jewelry box at the end to experiment the satisfaction of a personalized gift for someone they care about. 4. Picture frames Picture frames are incredibly easy to make and make for a very enjoyable experience when the kids are done with them and they get to frame a family picture to be displayed somewhere in the house. Frames are simple to make because they are made from very thin wood, so with the constant and attentive supervision of an adult, the older kids can even get the chance to cut the pieces, something that is not possible with many projects for kids since thick wood is harder –and thus, more dangerous- to cut. 5. Wooden flags Making a wooden flag is a very creative and educational way to recycle wood you may have lying around the house with the help of your kids. You can use the time they take to glue together the wood boards and paint them as the national flag to teach them some simple lessons about your nation’s flag, or you can encourage them to take interest in other countries and then go ahead and try to recreate said country’s flag. 6. Crayon holder While this project requires a drill that absolutely shouldn’t be handled by children, it is an incredibly cheap project that has also the advantage of being of some use to the children after they decorate it to their personal taste. All you need is a drill, a block of wood and some non-toxic paint to let your kids set their imagination free while decorating it. 7. Coasters Granted, this one also requires the help of an adult to cut the primarily shape of the coaster, but after you’ve done it, you can let your older kids sand it (using sanding paper, not a sanding belt) to give the coasters their final form and then let your younger kids paint them to make them stylish and fun. 8. Three-dimensional geometric shapes So far, in this list of easy wood projects for kids, we have included several projects that absolutely rely on the supervision and help of an adult, due to the hazards related to sharp nails, power tools, heavy hammers, etc. But for kids around the age of 10, making three-dimensional geometric shapes can be an incredibly stimulating outlet for their creativity and energy, and they require almost no adult intervention whatsoever since all that is needed are pieces of wood and sanding paper. When they are done making cubes, pyramids, and spheres, they can always take their art project one step further by painting them and decorating them any way they want. 9. Pallet signs Requiring absolutely no tools at all –except for your children’s imagination- and being extremely cheap, making pallet signs is one of the best projects for children. You just have to find some old pallets and let them draw or write on them. If you convince your kids to artistically portray your family name, you can even use one of their signs as a welcome sign for your front porch! 10. Wood stamps Woodworking projects for kids often revolve more around the decorating of the pieces than the actual fabrication. But for this project, if your kids are old and responsible enough, you can just hand them cylindrical pieces of wood and an awl and let them create their own wooden stamps. They can then use it on their notebooks and letters! This is a very good way to teach all your childrens a woodwork that bring happieness to your life. There are plenty of resources, forums available on the internet which is useful to create a mind-blowing furniture. if you are an experienced carpenter, don’t forget to check out this article.
10 DIY Woodworking Projects That Can Easily Sell

10 DIY Woodworking Projects That Can Easily Sell

Woodworking projects are a fun way to spend your time if you happen to be an enthusiast of the craft. But one huge upside of quality woodworking is that there are actually tons of woodworking projects that sell very easily. As they are handmade, they can make for the perfect gift someone would likely be willing to buy. If you also offer great quality and customization options, all of these wood projects that sell easily could earn you a few bucks while you enjoy your hobby. And, who knows? Maybe you can even start your small business if you get creative and have good managing skills. 1. Personalized Wooden Stamps Wooden stamps are probably among the easiest-to-make small woodworking projects that sell easily. It only takes small, cylindrical pieces of quality wood, a couple of awls in different sizes and a lot of imagination. You can certainly start by giving them away as gifts to your family and friends, asking them to recommend you to their friends if they like them. Offering customization options, like type of wood, size or number of words, can help to get your wooden stamp business to a whole new level. 2. Wine Bottle Stands There is nothing classier than a high-quality wine bottle stand. When it comes to small woodworking projects that sell easily, you can never go wrong with a wooden wine bottle stand. There are tons of ideas available online and you can draw inspiration from all of them. You could even try different styles: classic, modern, minimalistic… the choice is yours. The great upside about this woodworking project is that wine enthusiasts are always willing to pay huge amounts of money for quality products that make their special bottles stand out of the crowd. So, after you get good at it, you could make this a serious business while still enjoying your hobby. 3. Personalized Picture Frames Woodworking projects that sell easily have almost always one thing in common: personalization options. You need to remember that potential customers choose homemade objects over factory-made ones when they want to differentiate themselves from the rest. And there is nothing that screams “different” than a quality wooden picture frame engraved with the initials or names of the people appearing in the photograph. If you learn basic wood-engraving techniques, you could easily sell picture frames for many times what you pay for the raw materials. 4. Luxury Wooden Coasters While coasters are pretty much present at every home and they are usually not so expensive, trendy people are always looking for common items fabricated in special or artisanal ways, and are willing to pay good money for them. Luxury wooden coasters might not be among the wood projects that sell that easily since the market is a little small, but they certainly are a project that, if made right, can be incredibly profitable. You just have to learn how to work with high-end woods and think of a design that will appeal to the upper classes and you are all set to go make some money. 5. Dollhouses If you are truly passionate about woodworking, have an eye for detail and are more patient than the average, you could try to take on a dollhouse project. They tend to take entire months to build, decorate and perfect, but if they are high quality, they can very easily sell for thousands of dollars to the appropriate collector. Always remember that collectors are willing to pay top dollar for artisanal objects they feel like they need for their collections. 6. Furniture When you have acquired a certain level of expertise when it comes to woodworking and you are confident that you can build durable, reliable furniture, you can always make a business out of your hobby and take on selling your handmade furniture online. Remember that just a chair or bench can go for hundreds of dollars! 7. Cigar Ashtrays Believe it or not, cigar ashtrays are usually pretty expensive, but there aren’t as much designs available as you would think. If part of your woodworking hobby includes woodcarving, you could start your own business selling cigar ashtrays. As happens with other items in this list, cigar enthusiasts are often upper-class people who are willing to pay more money than usual for a quality product that they know none of their friends will ever have. 8. Wooden Pencil Holders Pencil holders are incredibly easy and cheap to make and, if you find the right market –which shouldn’t be that difficult since everyone uses pens and pencils-, you could sell them in bulk and make a pretty decent profit out of them. 9. Key Chains Keychains are yet another example of easy-to-make, quick projects that can earn you some cash if you just learn how to market them right. Since the possibilities for key chains are endless, you just need some imagination and you will never run out of designs. 10. Wooden Mugs Wooden mugs are trending lately, since a lot of people believe that the choice of wood actually adds additional flavor to their coffee or tea. They are easy to make and, if you come up with a particularly clever design or offer personalization options, making and selling wooden mugs could become a serious business opportunity.