10 Best Woodworking Projects for Experienced Woodworkers

Written by Stephen

On August 4, 2018

Experts woodworking projects, the highest form of woodworking, reserved only for those seasoned and passionate enthusiasts of the wood, those who have the time, skills and tools to bring to life a challenging yet satisfying piece of art.

Woodworking is a beautiful art that goes back practically to the beginning of human civilization. Wood has always been available and, since humans learned to craft and use tools, they have used wood to make their lives easier. But we have come a long way since arrows and spears; woodworking today is truly an art form that enthusiasts have perfected over centuries. Ranging from projects for beginners to experts woodworking projects, there are almost limitless options for spending your time and skills making an art piece for your home. Take a look at these 10 wood projects for experts:

1. Desk

Building a desk might seem easy at a first look, but the truth is that a desk is meant to endure hundreds of hours of work, plus the weight of books, computers, documents and every other kind of office supplies imaginable. While the main body should basically be just a robust box with functional drawers, when it comes to experts woodworking projects, we begin to think about hidden compartments, disguised cable passages, lockable drawers and more. The possibilities only end when your ambition does.

2. Adirondack chair

Beautiful and elegant, Adirondack chairs are essential when it comes to outside furniture. While their design could make you think that they shouldn’t be included in the list of wood projects for experts, the reality is that they should support constant and repeated weight of adults without falling apart. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, you should browse the Internet, for there are tons of plans for Adirondack chairs lying around.

3. Pergola

A magnificent addition for your backyard, a pergola is a challenge only the most seasoned woodworkers should take on. A pergola not only requires a huge amount of wood, design, planning and building time, but also, since it is meant to hang over your head, you should be incredibly careful and take every precaution pertinent before attempting to build a full size pergola for your yard.

4. Motorboat

A motorboat is a perfect project for woodworkers who live near a lake, and it can prove to be a very fun packing project provided it is done the right way –and also it is considerably cheaper than buying your own motorboat-. This is an incredibly challenging project since stacks are very high, and making a mistake while building your own motorboat, could very easily end in disaster. This one is reserved for only the most experienced woodworkers.

5. Bed frame

This is yet another project that looks simple when looking at its design, but proves to be difficult when you take into account its purpose. While probably not that hazardous, nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night because his or her homemade bed frame fell apart due to poor building. We recommend that you only try this project if you’re confident you have the skills and tools necessary.

6. Closet

Closets are simple in principle and have the added benefit of being attached to the floor, ceiling and walls, but when we take on them as an experts’ project, the imagination can be set free and possibilities become infinite. The main advantage of building our own expert woodworker’s closet is that we can adapt it exactly to how much space we need for clothes, jewelry, shoes or any other item we plan on putting inside.

7. Guitar

A guitar is probably one of the must fun to build, yet difficult woodworking projects to take on. Curved surfaces are always best left to the experts when it comes to wood, and since there are several parts that need to be built separately and then attached together, building a guitar can prove to be a very challenging project.

8. Wooden spoons

This one is a project only for true artisans. Most of the other projects we’ve mentioned demand the appropriate tools, glue, wood and skills. Making wooden spoons demands inhumane patience, sense of artistry and dedication. Starting with a small piece of wood, wooden spoons need to be carved by hand until the design we initially had in our heads comes to life.

9. Grand piano

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime challenge that you can always treasure as the greatest piece of art you have ever made, you might want to try and make your own grand piano. As if the musical part of a piano (the keys, strings and hammers) didn’t seem impossible enough to make by yourself, the woodworking part of it can become a real nightmare. Piano strings tend apply a tremendous amount of pressure on the wood and the constant banging of the hammers requires an incredibly solid building. This is a project suited only for the ultimate woodworker.

10. Deck

A deck is the ultimate challenge for seasoned woodworkers. Building your own deck requires vast knowledge of woodworking, architecture, engineering and lots of other areas. Besides, you can never forget that wrongly building a deck could easily result in serious injuries or death of you or your loved ones. A deck is a project that only expert, seasoned and professional woodworkers should ever attempt.

Experts woodworking projects: an amazing way to invest your time and to challenge yourself, with the added benefit of improving your home or life with an artistic masterpiece build by yourself. What are you waiting to try these ones out?

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