10 DIY Woodworking Projects That Can Easily Sell

Written by Stephen

On August 4, 2018
diy projects that can easily sell

Woodworking projects are a fun way to spend your time if you happen to be an enthusiast of the craft. But one huge upside of quality woodworking is that there are actually tons of woodworking projects that sell very easily. As they are handmade, they can make for the perfect gift someone would likely be willing to buy. If you also offer great quality and customization options, all of these wood projects that sell easily could earn you a few bucks while you enjoy your hobby. And, who knows? Maybe you can even start your small business if you get creative and have good managing skills.

1. Personalized Wooden Stamps

Wooden stamps are probably among the easiest-to-make small woodworking projects that sell easily. It only takes small, cylindrical pieces of quality wood, a couple of awls in different sizes and a lot of imagination. You can certainly start by giving them away as gifts to your family and friends, asking them to recommend you to their friends if they like them. Offering customization options, like type of wood, size or number of words, can help to get your wooden stamp business to a whole new level.

2. Wine Bottle Stands

There is nothing classier than a high-quality wine bottle stand. When it comes to small woodworking projects that sell easily, you can never go wrong with a wooden wine bottle stand. There are tons of ideas available online and you can draw inspiration from all of them. You could even try different styles: classic, modern, minimalistic… the choice is yours. The great upside about this woodworking project is that wine enthusiasts are always willing to pay huge amounts of money for quality products that make their special bottles stand out of the crowd. So, after you get good at it, you could make this a serious business while still enjoying your hobby.

3. Personalized Picture Frames

Woodworking projects that sell easily have almost always one thing in common: personalization options. You need to remember that potential customers choose homemade objects over factory-made ones when they want to differentiate themselves from the rest. And there is nothing that screams “different” than a quality wooden picture frame engraved with the initials or names of the people appearing in the photograph. If you learn basic wood-engraving techniques, you could easily sell picture frames for many times what you pay for the raw materials.

4. Luxury Wooden Coasters

While coasters are pretty much present at every home and they are usually not so expensive, trendy people are always looking for common items fabricated in special or artisanal ways, and are willing to pay good money for them. Luxury wooden coasters might not be among the wood projects that sell that easily since the market is a little small, but they certainly are a project that, if made right, can be incredibly profitable. You just have to learn how to work with high-end woods and think of a design that will appeal to the upper classes and you are all set to go make some money.

5. Dollhouses

If you are truly passionate about woodworking, have an eye for detail and are more patient than the average, you could try to take on a dollhouse project. They tend to take entire months to build, decorate and perfect, but if they are high quality, they can very easily sell for thousands of dollars to the appropriate collector. Always remember that collectors are willing to pay top dollar for artisanal objects they feel like they need for their collections.

6. Furniture

When you have acquired a certain level of expertise when it comes to woodworking and you are confident that you can build durable, reliable furniture, you can always make a business out of your hobby and take on selling your handmade furniture online. Remember that just a chair or bench can go for hundreds of dollars!

7. Cigar Ashtrays

Believe it or not, cigar ashtrays are usually pretty expensive, but there aren’t as much designs available as you would think. If part of your woodworking hobby includes woodcarving, you could start your own business selling cigar ashtrays. As happens with other items in this list, cigar enthusiasts are often upper class people who are willing to pay more money than usual for a quality product that they know none of their friends will ever have.

8. Wooden Pencil Holders

Pencil holders are incredibly easy and cheap to make and, if you find the right market –which shouldn’t be that difficult since everyone uses pens and pencils-, you could sell them in bulk and make a pretty decent profit out of them.

9. Key Chains

Key chains are yet another example of easy-to-make, quick projects that can earn you some cash if you just learn how to market them right. Since the possibilities for key chains are endless, you just need some imagination and you will never run out of designs.

10. Wooden Mugs

Wooden mugs are trending lately, since a lot of people believe that the choice of wood actually adds additional flavor to their coffee or tea. They are easy to make and, if you come up with a particularly clever design or offer personalization options, making and selling wooden mugs could become a serious business opportunity.

These are only top 10 list of woodworking crafts you can make. There are hundreds of other creative project & plans available here.

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