10 Easy And Simple Woodworking Projects for Kids

Written by Stephen

On August 4, 2018

Woodworking is a hobby often perceived as more appropriate for middle aged men working long hours by themselves at their shed, but reality couldn’t be more different. Woodworking can be done by entire families and, as long as children are properly supervised and don’t go near any of the power tools frequently involved, it can be a very fun familiar time.

Woodworking projects for kids are those that focus more on the assembly and decorating of individual pieces –previously cut and sanded by an adult- to form cool and artistic pieces the whole family can enjoy. Take a look at these simple wood projects for kids:

1. Birdhouse

Building and painting a birdhouse is probably the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when trying to think about easy wood projects for kids. The kids gathered around a patio table, painting and assembling the pieces for a pretty birdhouse and the older ones even helping the adults to drive the nails in, is a very traditional image that anyone with kids has had in their mind at some point. It is a pretty unforgettable moment when the kids go out to the back yard and discover that the first bird has settled in the birdhouse they built.

2. Wood wagon

A wood wagon is a very fun toy that little children find incredibly amusing. When they’re little enough, they can sit inside and be pushed around the yard and, as they grow older and no longer fit inside, they can easily use it to transport their toys around the house. As far as simple wood projects for kids go, a wood wagon probably ranks among the simpler. Kids can help glue some of the parts together and paint it, and a responsible adult can safely attach the wheels to make sure no accident occurs.

3. Jewelry box

With a little help from an adult when it comes to designing, measuring and cutting the individual pieces of wood required, kids around the age of 11-12 can find great pleasure in making a jewelry box as a gift for their mom. They can glue the parts together, screw the hinges in and decorate the finished jewelry box at the end to experiment the satisfaction of a personalized gift for someone they care about.

4. Picture frames

Picture frames are incredibly easy to make and make for a very enjoyable experience when the kids are done with them and they get to frame a family picture to be displayed somewhere in the house. Frames are simple to make because they are made from very thin wood, so with the constant and attentive supervision of an adult, the older kids can even get the chance to cut the pieces, something that is not possible with many projects for kids since thick wood is harder –and thus, more dangerous- to cut.

5. Wooden flags

Making a wooden flag is a very creative and educational way to recycle wood you may have lying around the house with the help of your kids. You can use the time they take to glue together the wood boards and paint them as the national flag to teach them some simple lessons about your nation’s flag, or you can encourage them to take interest in other countries and then go ahead and try to recreate said country’s flag.

6.  Crayon holder

While this project requires a drill that absolutely shouldn’t be handled by children, it is an incredibly cheap project that has also the advantage of being of some use to the children after they decorate it to their personal taste. All you need is a drill, a block of wood and some non-toxic paint to let your kids set their imagination free while decorating it.

7. Coasters

Granted, this one also requires the help of an adult to cut the primarily shape of the coaster, but after you’ve done it, you can let your older kids sand it (using sanding paper, not a sanding belt) to give the coasters their final form and then let your younger kids paint them to make them stylish and fun.

8. Three-dimensional geometric shapes

So far, in this list of easy wood projects for kids, we have included several projects that absolutely rely on the supervision and help of an adult, due to the hazards related to sharp nails, power tools, heavy hammers, etc. But for kids around the age of 10, making three-dimensional geometric shapes can be an incredibly stimulating outlet for their creativity and energy, and they require almost no adult intervention whatsoever, since all that is needed are pieces of wood and sanding paper. When they are done making cubes, pyramids and spheres, they can always take their art project one step further by painting them and decorating them any way they want.

9. Pallet signs

Requiring absolutely no tools at all –except for your children’s imagination- and being extremely cheap, making pallet signs is one of the best projects for children. You just have to find some old pallets and let them draw or write on them. If you convince your kids to artistically portray your family name, you can even use one of their signs as a welcome sign for your front porch!

10. Wood stamps

Woodworking projects for kids often revolve more around the decorating of the pieces than the actual fabrication. But for this project, if your kids are old and responsible enough, you can just hand them cylindrical pieces of wood and an awl and let them create their own wooden stamps. They can then use it on their notebooks and letters!

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