8 Free Standing Porch Swing Plans for Your Home

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On August 16, 2019
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An extremely relaxing piece of furniture, porch swings are comfortable and look good on any porch. A porch swing is a great place to spend some time alone or bonds for hours with a loved one. Additionally, a porch swing built or installed today can be used for several generations to come.

Now, a major problem for most homeowners is that the price of most ready-made porch swings is quite high. Even if they find a porch swing that fits their budget, it may not appeal to them. In order words, it may not be the porch swing design they are looking for. So, what should be done in such situations? The answer is simple: DIY porch swings. Not only does DIY porch swings allow you to build a porch swing of your preference, but it also provides you with a sense of accomplishment.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate builder, it is fairly simple to build a porch swing. To help you succeed, all free-standing porch swing plans come with clear and detailed instructions about performing the DIY woodworking project.

A DIY porch swing will take no more than a few days to finish. In fact, depending on the size of the project and the number of hours you can commit to it in a day, you may be able to complete the DIY porch swing project on the same day you start it.

If you have a big-sized porch, then you can build and install several types of DIY porch swings. However, this does not mean that your choices are limited with a smaller-sized porch. Following are some free-standing porch swing plans for your home that you can build in your yard or other vacant space in your home.

1. The Elegant White Porch Swing

They say white goes with almost anything and this is true for porch swings. An elegant white porch swing will enhance the appeal of your porch and outdoor area. Featuring a porcelain hue, this free-standing porch swing is equipped with some white rope which enhances its appeal. Once the elegant white porch swing is built, you can add a combination of green and yellow pillows to give it a vibrant look. You can get all the instructions to build this porch swing at A Beautiful Mess.

2. Ana White’s Free Porch Swing Plan

This porch swing plan provides everything that you need to build a stunning porch swing that is pleasing to the eye. Additionally, it is made super comfortable with the addition of an extra high back. This porch swing plan provided on Ana White’s DIY site includes color photos of the complete porch swing as well as tools list, illustrations, cut list, materials, finishing instructions, written directions, and diagrams. You can find all of this here.

3. The Stocky Little Porch Swing

Simple to build, the stocky little porch swing has a bold look. This is especially true for the swing’s arms; they have string yet aesthetically pleasing look. However, you may not like how the backrest sits as it may be too inconvenient for your liking. However, if you can bear this, then the stocky little porch swing can be a great addition to your porch and outdoor area. You can find all the tools and instructions for this DIY porch swing on Simply Designing.

4. Outdoor Pallet Swings from the Sorry Girls

This outdoor pallet swing can be built easily using some basic tools, a rope, two pallets, and paint. This is all you need to construct an eye-catching porch swing that will look good anywhere in your yard. The overall costs of this outdoor porch swing will be just over $20. The photos, written directions, materials list, and tool list for this DIY porch swing can be found on The Sorry Girls site.

5. The Blue Bench Porch Swing

The color of this porch swing is the most eye-catching part about it. At times, it would remind of you of some exotic locales in tourist destinations like Greece. Although the blue bench porch swing has a simple design, it has a unique appeal which can be hard to explain or put in words. In addition to a free-standing porch swing, you can use this porch swing as a bench too. The tools/materials list and all the instructions to build this porch swing can be found on Ana White.

6. Classic DIY Porch Swing

Another innovation by the people at A Beautiful Mess, the classic DIY porch swing has a classy touch. This swing will look good on any porch. A porch swing construction that primarily involves 2×4’s, the classic DIY porch swing isn’t too complicated to build. You can find the color photos, supply list, diagram, tool list, and instructions for building for this DIY porch swing on A Beautiful Mess.

7. The Rustic Porch Swing

A DIY porch with a unique allure, the rustic porch swing looks bulky because of the large wood pieces that it features. You can make this porch swing extremely comfortable by adding fluffy pillows and a crib mattress to it. In addition to the porch, you can install the rustic porch swing in your living room if you want. It will look great there, providing you with the perfect place during winters. You can get the tools/material list and instructions for building on Sawdust 2 Stitches. .

8. BuildEazy’s Porch Swing Plan

The perfect DIY porch swing for beginners, Teds Woodwoeking porch swing plan is fairly easy to complete. However, this does not mean the final product will look bad. Instead, its design will match up with that of any other porch swing. You can find the photos, tools list, and directions for this DIY porch swing on BuildEazy

With these free-standing porch swing plans, you can enhance the appeal of your outdoors and add value to your home.


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