8 Great DIY Wood Cabin Plans That are Easy and Affordable to Build

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On October 20, 2019
8 Great DIY Wood Cabin Plans That are Easy and Affordable to Build

Not all cabins are created equal. Instead, the function and aesthetic appeal of a cabin will depend on its design and how it is built. Cabins can be built in a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and configurations. It is up to you to decide which style, size, shape or configuration is best suited to your space and would perfectly fit within your time and money constraints.

When it comes to cabins, the best choice would be to go the DIY route simply because this allows you to create a cabin affordably and in a customized way. In other words, DIY cabin plans allow you to add your personal touch to a cabin and build it without having to spend too much money on the construction. Here, we will provide you with 8 great DIY wood cabin plans that are easy and affordable to build. You can choose one or multiple based on your needs, preferences, and the space available to you.

1. Studio-Sized Cabin

If you’re looking to build a compact yet eye-catching cabin, then you can’t go wrong with the studio-sized cabin. A cabin with all the charm of a classic house, the studio-sized cabin can be a great weekend or summer getaway for all those people who like to live a solitary life or want to spend some time in peace away from their family or the mad city rush. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the studio-sized cabin are available on The Classic Archives.

2. The Tiny Classic Cabin

A cabin that looks stunning on the outside, the tiny classic cabin will interest anyone fond of tiny house living. Without packing a ton of space, this tiny DIY cabin offers a classic look. From our understanding, living in a tiny cabin isn’t a decision you make in haste. However, if you’ve made sure to do your research on it, then the tiny classic cabin may well be the cabin plan that you’ve been searching for. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building this DIY cabin on The Classic Archives.

3. Alaskan Round Log Cabin

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Alaskan round log cabin isn’t a cabin designed specifically for use in Alaska. Instead, you can build for any place in the United States or the world for that matter. Made from logs, the Alaskan round log cabin has that classic look often associated with wood cabins. Additionally, the logs ensure that you will need nothing besides the cabin to protect yourself from the chilly weather during winters. This is because logs are known to be great insulators.

This Alaskan styled rustic log cabin is built using big, thick logs. This gives the cabin a classic look. If you’re one of those people who love anything that reminds them of Alaska, then the log cabin will be a great choice of a cabin for you. The big rounded logs of this DIY cabin ensure a classic look and a lot of warmth inside. Overall, the round log cabin can be a great option if you want to build a cabin to stay cozy during the winters. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building an Alaskan round log cabin on Alaska Antler Works.

4. Multi-Roomed Small Cabin

Although it is an extremely small cabin, the multi-roomed small cabin can a great choice of cabin. Measuring only four hundred square feet, this small-sized DIY cabin is appropriately compartmentalized to give residents the feel of a proper home. Additionally, the cabin features more than one room and can accommodate several people. The complete plan for building the multi-roomed small cabin is available on Cabin Plans 123.

5. Little House in the Woods

Although it is not the biggest cabin you can build, the little house in the woods is something you can construct with affordably and with things that are easily available to you at you home or the local hardware store. This isn’t the fanciest cabin that you can build. However, it will provide you with a place where you can stay safe from thunderstorms or other harsh weather conditions. The tool list, materials, and instructions for building the little house in the woods can be found on Instructables.

6. The Cottage Life Bunkie From Oxbow Timber

Perfect for a family of four, the cottage life Bunkie from Oxbow Timber is a compact cabin but big enough to accommodate two adults and two kids at the same time. However, this cabin does not feature a kitchen or bathroom which are a part of some of the other cabin plans. The complete plan with the tools list, materials, and drawings are available on Timber Mart.

7. The Norwegian Cabin

An extremely small cabin that takes inspiration from the Norwegian ‘stabbur’, the Norwegian cabin measures 10×13 foot and requires a limited number of logs to be built. For those of you who don’t know a ‘stabbur’ means, it refers to a storehouse built on stilts. Featuring a ground floor with an open plan room, the Norwegian cabin has a bedroom in the loft space. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building this DIY cabin can be found on Mother Earth News.

8. The Nuclear Family Cabin

Ideal for those who prefer living alone or as a nuclear family unit, the nuclear family cabin is bigger in size than many other cabin plans on our list. It is the right size to feel cozy at home and big enough to accommodate a family of three. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building the nuclear family cabin on Mother Earth News.

Using these 8 DIY wood cabin plans, you can easily and affordably build a great wood cabin to live in.

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