9 Great Table Plans for Your Garden

Written by Stephen

On August 18, 2019
9 Best Table Plans for Your Garden

Whether it is resting in a rocking chair or rolling out a big breakfast buffet on a picnic table, there will always be something special about garden furniture. Most furniture will look good in a lush green garden; however, you must consider your lifestyle before making a choice in this regard. Go for solid furniture if you organize a lot of garden parties; otherwise, stick to small cozy chairs and tables that are easy to build and accommodate.

When we talk about garden tables, one of the best things about them is that they instantly provide an outdoor eating/picnic area for the family. There are several other reasons for building a garden table as well; this includes creating an inviting place where guests can relax, providing kids with a place to eat outdoors, creating comfortable areas for activities and parties, and having a place outdoors where the entire family can gather and have a great time.

Having discussed all the advantages of garden tables, it’s time that we looked at some great table plans that you can use for your home. Let’s begin.

1. Easy DIY Picnic Table from Kleinworth & Co.

An incredibly easy-to-build garden table, the easy DIY picnic table from Kleinworth & CO. can be assembled in less than thirty minutes. Not only is this DIY garden table simple to build, but it has some other qualities that make it a great option for any garden. These qualities include weatherproof stain and seating fixed to both sides of the table. More information about this DIY table is available on Kleinworth & Co.

2. DIY Patio Table with Built-In Ice Box from Remodelaholic

Although this table is meant for the patio, it will look great on your garden too. Not only will this garden table be great to have during parties and hang-out sessions with friends but it will also get all the attention from your guests and visitors. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY patio table with built-in icebox from Remodelaholic are provided here.

3. Industrial Farmhouse Picnic Table from Twelve on Main

If you have a liking for industrial farmhouse style furniture, then you’d like the industrial farmhouse picnic table from Twelve on Main. This DIY picnic table can provide you with a place in the garden where your family can sit and enjoy all the scenery that surrounds you. If you’re willing to put in a bit of hard work into creating DIY furniture, then you can build an amazing table for your garden in no time. The tools list, materials, and instructions for the industrial farmhouse picnic table can be found on Twelve on Main.

4. Garden Bar from Recycled Pallets

Made from discarded pallets and reclaimed timber, the garden bar from Recycled Pallets is an amazing piece of garden furniture that you can build. The best things about this DIY garden table is that it takes no more than a few days to build. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the garden bar from Recycled Pallets can be found on Recyclart.

5. Farmhouse Style Picnic Table from Simply Kierste

If you’re looking for an easy-to-build garden table with great function and appeal, then the farmhouse style picnic table from Simply Kierste is a great option. Once it is built, you can use the table for eating/picnicking purpose. You can also use it as a place to keep your outdoor décor. Either way, it is an extremely useful piece of furniture. All the details about building this DIY garden table, including tools list, materials, and directions, can be found on Old Salt Farm.

6. Weekend DIY Picnic Table

The Weekend DIY Picnic Table is a great option if you are looking for a simple garden table which can accommodate your family’s weekend outings. It requires no great skill to build this garden table yet the finished product (if built properly) looks stunning and has a great function. If you’re willing to dedicate most of the day towards the DIY project, then the weekend DIY picnic table can be built on the same day the project was started. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building this DIY garden table can be found on DIY DIVA.

7. Herringbone Picnic Table from a Turtle’s Life for Me

Although it is incredibly simple to build, the herringbone table from a Turtle’s Life for Me will look absolutely amazing in any garden. The DIY garden table can accommodate you and your family while enjoying a mini feast. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building the herringbone picnic table on A Turtles Life for Me.

8. Pallet Wood Picnic Table from Craft Box Girls

You can put old pallet wood to use to create the pallet wood picnic table from Craft Box Girls that will look great in your garden. By following the step-by-step instructions for it, you can easily build the DIY pallet wood picnic table. All the tools, materials, and instructions for building the garden table can be found on Craft Box Girls.

9. DIY Kids Picnic Table from Love and Renovations

Of course, we had to include something in our list that is meant specifically for the kids. The DIY kids picnic table from Love and Renovations is a pint-sized picnic table that can be a great place for kids to eat, draw, and play outdoors. Once the table is constructed, you can paint with a fun design that catches the interest of your kids. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY kids’ picnic table can be found on Love and Renovations.

These are some of the amazing garden table plans that you can choose from for your garden. You won’t regret it!


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