10 Easy And Simple Woodworking Projects for Kids

10 Easy And Simple Woodworking Projects for Kids

Woodworking is a hobby often perceived as more appropriate for middle aged men working long hours by themselves at their shed, but reality couldn’t be more different. Woodworking can be done by entire families and, as long as children are properly supervised and don’t go near any of the power tools frequently involved, it can be a very fun familiar time.

Woodworking projects for kids are those that focus more on the assembly and decorating of individual pieces –previously cut and sanded by an adult- to form cool and artistic pieces the whole family can enjoy. Take a look at these simple wood projects for kids:

1. Birdhouse

Building and painting a birdhouse is probably the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when trying to think about easy wood projects for kids. The kids gathered around a patio table, painting and assembling the pieces for a pretty birdhouse and the older ones even helping the adults to drive the nails in, is a very traditional image that anyone with kids has had in their mind at some point. It is a pretty unforgettable moment when the kids go out to the back yard and discover that the first bird has settled in the birdhouse they built.

2. Wood wagon

A wood wagon is a very fun toy that little children find incredibly amusing. When they’re little enough, they can sit inside and be pushed around the yard and, as they grow older and no longer fit inside, they can easily use it to transport their toys around the house. As far as simple wood projects for kids go, a wood wagon probably ranks among the simpler. Kids can help glue some of the parts together and paint it, and a responsible adult can safely attach the wheels to make sure no accident occurs.

3. Jewelry box

With a little help from an adult when it comes to designing, measuring and cutting the individual pieces of wood required, kids around the age of 11-12 can find great pleasure in making a jewelry box as a gift for their mom. They can glue the parts together, screw the hinges in and decorate the finished jewelry box at the end to experiment the satisfaction of a personalized gift for someone they care about.

4. Picture frames

Picture frames are incredibly easy to make and make for a very enjoyable experience when the kids are done with them and they get to frame a family picture to be displayed somewhere in the house. Frames are simple to make because they are made from very thin wood, so with the constant and attentive supervision of an adult, the older kids can even get the chance to cut the pieces, something that is not possible with many projects for kids since thick wood is harder –and thus, more dangerous- to cut.

5. Wooden flags

Making a wooden flag is a very creative and educational way to recycle wood you may have lying around the house with the help of your kids. You can use the time they take to glue together the wood boards and paint them as the national flag to teach them some simple lessons about your nation’s flag, or you can encourage them to take interest in other countries and then go ahead and try to recreate said country’s flag.

6.  Crayon holder

While this project requires a drill that absolutely shouldn’t be handled by children, it is an incredibly cheap project that has also the advantage of being of some use to the children after they decorate it to their personal taste. All you need is a drill, a block of wood and some non-toxic paint to let your kids set their imagination free while decorating it.

7. Coasters

Granted, this one also requires the help of an adult to cut the primarily shape of the coaster, but after you’ve done it, you can let your older kids sand it (using sanding paper, not a sanding belt) to give the coasters their final form and then let your younger kids paint them to make them stylish and fun.

8. Three-dimensional geometric shapes

So far, in this list of easy wood projects for kids, we have included several projects that absolutely rely on the supervision and help of an adult, due to the hazards related to sharp nails, power tools, heavy hammers, etc. But for kids around the age of 10, making three-dimensional geometric shapes can be an incredibly stimulating outlet for their creativity and energy, and they require almost no adult intervention whatsoever, since all that is needed are pieces of wood and sanding paper. When they are done making cubes, pyramids and spheres, they can always take their art project one step further by painting them and decorating them any way they want.

9. Pallet signs

Requiring absolutely no tools at all –except for your children’s imagination- and being extremely cheap, making pallet signs is one of the best projects for children. You just have to find some old pallets and let them draw or write on them. If you convince your kids to artistically portray your family name, you can even use one of their signs as a welcome sign for your front porch!

10. Wood stamps

Woodworking projects for kids often revolve more around the decorating of the pieces than the actual fabrication. But for this project, if your kids are old and responsible enough, you can just hand them cylindrical pieces of wood and an awl and let them create their own wooden stamps. They can then use it on their notebooks and letters!

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10 DIY Woodworking Projects That Can Easily Sell

10 DIY Woodworking Projects That Can Easily Sell

Woodworking projects are a fun way to spend your time if you happen to be an enthusiast of the craft. But one huge upside of quality woodworking is that there are actually tons of woodworking projects that sell very easily. As they are handmade, they can make for the perfect gift someone would likely be willing to buy. If you also offer great quality and customization options, all of these wood projects that sell easily could earn you a few bucks while you enjoy your hobby. And, who knows? Maybe you can even start your small business if you get creative and have good managing skills.

1. Personalized Wooden Stamps

Wooden stamps are probably among the easiest-to-make small woodworking projects that sell easily. It only takes small, cylindrical pieces of quality wood, a couple of awls in different sizes and a lot of imagination. You can certainly start by giving them away as gifts to your family and friends, asking them to recommend you to their friends if they like them. Offering customization options, like type of wood, size or number of words, can help to get your wooden stamp business to a whole new level.

2. Wine Bottle Stands

There is nothing classier than a high-quality wine bottle stand. When it comes to small woodworking projects that sell easily, you can never go wrong with a wooden wine bottle stand. There are tons of ideas available online and you can draw inspiration from all of them. You could even try different styles: classic, modern, minimalistic… the choice is yours. The great upside about this woodworking project is that wine enthusiasts are always willing to pay huge amounts of money for quality products that make their special bottles stand out of the crowd. So, after you get good at it, you could make this a serious business while still enjoying your hobby.

3. Personalized Picture Frames

Woodworking projects that sell easily have almost always one thing in common: personalization options. You need to remember that potential customers choose homemade objects over factory-made ones when they want to differentiate themselves from the rest. And there is nothing that screams “different” than a quality wooden picture frame engraved with the initials or names of the people appearing in the photograph. If you learn basic wood-engraving techniques, you could easily sell picture frames for many times what you pay for the raw materials.

4. Luxury Wooden Coasters

While coasters are pretty much present at every home and they are usually not so expensive, trendy people are always looking for common items fabricated in special or artisanal ways, and are willing to pay good money for them. Luxury wooden coasters might not be among the wood projects that sell that easily since the market is a little small, but they certainly are a project that, if made right, can be incredibly profitable. You just have to learn how to work with high-end woods and think of a design that will appeal to the upper classes and you are all set to go make some money.

5. Dollhouses

If you are truly passionate about woodworking, have an eye for detail and are more patient than the average, you could try to take on a dollhouse project. They tend to take entire months to build, decorate and perfect, but if they are high quality, they can very easily sell for thousands of dollars to the appropriate collector. Always remember that collectors are willing to pay top dollar for artisanal objects they feel like they need for their collections.

6. Furniture

When you have acquired a certain level of expertise when it comes to woodworking and you are confident that you can build durable, reliable furniture, you can always make a business out of your hobby and take on selling your handmade furniture online. Remember that just a chair or bench can go for hundreds of dollars!

7. Cigar Ashtrays

Believe it or not, cigar ashtrays are usually pretty expensive, but there aren’t as much designs available as you would think. If part of your woodworking hobby includes woodcarving, you could start your own business selling cigar ashtrays. As happens with other items in this list, cigar enthusiasts are often upper class people who are willing to pay more money than usual for a quality product that they know none of their friends will ever have.

8. Wooden Pencil Holders

Pencil holders are incredibly easy and cheap to make and, if you find the right market –which shouldn’t be that difficult since everyone uses pens and pencils-, you could sell them in bulk and make a pretty decent profit out of them.

9. Key Chains

Key chains are yet another example of easy-to-make, quick projects that can earn you some cash if you just learn how to market them right. Since the possibilities for key chains are endless, you just need some imagination and you will never run out of designs.

10. Wooden Mugs

Wooden mugs are trending lately, since a lot of people believe that the choice of wood actually adds additional flavor to their coffee or tea. They are easy to make and, if you come up with a particularly clever design or offer personalization options, making and selling wooden mugs could become a serious business opportunity.

These are only top 10 list of woodworking crafts you can make. There are hundreds of other creative project & plans available here.

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10 Cool Woodworking Projects For Beginners

10 Cool Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Woodworking is a pretty entertaining and rewarding hobby, since you always end up with a new beautiful and useful piece of art. While many people often assume that woodworking is a hobby reserved for those with immense amounts of free time, with lots of money to spare or with some inhuman skills, the truth is that there are lots of beginner woodworking projects that are suitable for anyone.

Besides, most of them require very little tools –requirement for expensive tools or machinery is often one of the most discouraging situations for beginners- and take almost no time at all. Check out these 10 cool wood projects for beginners!

1. Open Box

Boxes are the first item in this list of wood projects for beginners since they pack two benefits in one. On one hand, they are versatile since they can be used for many different things, like holding magazines or as a storage place for whatever you can think of, they can be mounted on the wall and serve as a cool shelf or they can be used as little tables when flipped upside down. On the other hand, they are cool for first timers since joining the sides and the bottom helps the amateur woodworker learn and understand the basic principles of woodworking.

2. Chess/Checkers Board

If you have already learned how to make a simple box, maybe it’s time you take it up just one notch by making a chess/checkers board. As far as beginner woodworking projects go, this one is almost as simple as it can be. Virtually, you just follow the same instructions you would for making an open, little box, but then replace the regular bottom with a bi-colored one, and attach it to the outside structure. Of course, as you gain experience, you might want to try adding a drawer for the pieces –or maybe even make the pieces yourself-.

3. Jewelry Box

As you might be already noticing, most beginner woodworking projects are related to boxes, since they are really easy to make and have a lot of different applications. For making a jewelry box, you pretty much just have to follow the instructions for a small open box and add a lid and a couple hinges to the top. If you are an adventurous beginner, you could try to add a little drawer for necklaces as well. It’s simpler than you would think!

4. Bookshelves

Perhaps one of the easiest beginner woodworking projects is a bookshelf. Bookshelves provide an almost limitless variety of possible styles, materials and designs. Ranging from the plain, uncolored and unvarnished flat piece of wood attached to a wall using a bracket for the absolute beginner, to the more complicated modular pieces that can attach or detach from each other to increase the size of the general bookshelf for the more daring beginner, bookshelves are a very entertaining way to learn and improve your woodworking skills.

5. Toolbox

A simple toolbox can be an easy and useful woodworking project to take on for beginners. Toolboxes require a little extra effort when being built since they need to be more resistant to rough handling than most beginner’s projects, but with some patience, the right materials and maybe a little trial and error, every beginner can make a cool and useful toolbox in not much time. And who knows, maybe you’ll even begin to use the toolbox both to store your little woodworking tools and as inspiration for taking on bigger and more complicated projects in the future.

6. Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters are a fabulous project for beginners still learning the basic principles for cutting curved shapes in wood. They are very cheap to make –so you don’t have to worry if you make some mistakes- since they require very little wood, and they can end up looking incredibly nice when varnishing them properly.

7. Dice

While it may sound silly, the truth is that wooden dice are a pretty luxurious item and they often sell for unbelievable amounts of money online –for dice-. A project very suitable for gambling/board game enthusiasts, wooden dice can serve both as a very tasteful ornament for your dinner table or as a useful and cool item for your family’s next board games night. Give them a try.

8. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are very useful on kitchen counters and dining tables, and the best part about them is that they are easier to make than you would think! Definitely a beginner-level woodworking project, you can make your own lazy Susan just by cutting and carving a piece of wood in a circular shape and attaching it to a fixed base with a pin that allows it to rotate over it. There are lots of tutorials online and making one doesn’t take that much time.

9. Simple Stool

It is important to mention that if you are a beginner and you decide to try and make furniture pieces, you probably should do your proper research or ask someone for help, since anything conceived for holding a person’s weight should be more resistant that pieces with different purposes. Anyhow, you can always make a simple, three-legged stool for decorative purposes and you will find that it is a pretty easy and fun woodworking project.

10. Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

This last project has the upside of being easy to make and really useful, but still letting you set your creativity free. Starting with a simple wood board and attaching to it the knobs for coats, you can decorate it any way you want and end up with an amazing, useful and decorative piece for your home that takes very little time, effort and money to make.

No matter whether you are experienced woodworker or beginner. There are projects for everyone in the game. You just need to have basic knowledge, tool and dedication. There are more than 16000 Woodworking projects and plans which will help you become expert woodworker.

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10 Best Woodworking Projects for Experienced Woodworkers

10 Best Woodworking Projects for Experienced Woodworkers

Experts woodworking projects, the highest form of woodworking, reserved only for those seasoned and passionate enthusiasts of the wood, those who have the time, skills and tools to bring to life a challenging yet satisfying piece of art.

Woodworking is a beautiful art that goes back practically to the beginning of human civilization. Wood has always been available and, since humans learned to craft and use tools, they have used wood to make their lives easier. But we have come a long way since arrows and spears; woodworking today is truly an art form that enthusiasts have perfected over centuries. Ranging from projects for beginners to experts woodworking projects, there are almost limitless options for spending your time and skills making an art piece for your home. Take a look at these 10 wood projects for experts:

1. Desk

Building a desk might seem easy at a first look, but the truth is that a desk is meant to endure hundreds of hours of work, plus the weight of books, computers, documents and every other kind of office supplies imaginable. While the main body should basically be just a robust box with functional drawers, when it comes to experts woodworking projects, we begin to think about hidden compartments, disguised cable passages, lockable drawers and more. The possibilities only end when your ambition does.

2. Adirondack chair

Beautiful and elegant, Adirondack chairs are essential when it comes to outside furniture. While their design could make you think that they shouldn’t be included in the list of wood projects for experts, the reality is that they should support constant and repeated weight of adults without falling apart. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, you should browse the Internet, for there are tons of plans for Adirondack chairs lying around.

3. Pergola

A magnificent addition for your backyard, a pergola is a challenge only the most seasoned woodworkers should take on. A pergola not only requires a huge amount of wood, design, planning and building time, but also, since it is meant to hang over your head, you should be incredibly careful and take every precaution pertinent before attempting to build a full size pergola for your yard.

4. Motorboat

A motorboat is a perfect project for woodworkers who live near a lake, and it can prove to be a very fun packing project provided it is done the right way –and also it is considerably cheaper than buying your own motorboat-. This is an incredibly challenging project since stacks are very high, and making a mistake while building your own motorboat, could very easily end in disaster. This one is reserved for only the most experienced woodworkers.

5. Bed frame

This is yet another project that looks simple when looking at its design, but proves to be difficult when you take into account its purpose. While probably not that hazardous, nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night because his or her homemade bed frame fell apart due to poor building. We recommend that you only try this project if you’re confident you have the skills and tools necessary.

6. Closet

Closets are simple in principle and have the added benefit of being attached to the floor, ceiling and walls, but when we take on them as an experts’ project, the imagination can be set free and possibilities become infinite. The main advantage of building our own expert woodworker’s closet is that we can adapt it exactly to how much space we need for clothes, jewelry, shoes or any other item we plan on putting inside.

7. Guitar

A guitar is probably one of the must fun to build, yet difficult woodworking projects to take on. Curved surfaces are always best left to the experts when it comes to wood, and since there are several parts that need to be built separately and then attached together, building a guitar can prove to be a very challenging project.

8. Wooden spoons

This one is a project only for true artisans. Most of the other projects we’ve mentioned demand the appropriate tools, glue, wood and skills. Making wooden spoons demands inhumane patience, sense of artistry and dedication. Starting with a small piece of wood, wooden spoons need to be carved by hand until the design we initially had in our heads comes to life.

9. Grand piano

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime challenge that you can always treasure as the greatest piece of art you have ever made, you might want to try and make your own grand piano. As if the musical part of a piano (the keys, strings and hammers) didn’t seem impossible enough to make by yourself, the woodworking part of it can become a real nightmare. Piano strings tend apply a tremendous amount of pressure on the wood and the constant banging of the hammers requires an incredibly solid building. This is a project suited only for the ultimate woodworker.

10. Deck

A deck is the ultimate challenge for seasoned woodworkers. Building your own deck requires vast knowledge of woodworking, architecture, engineering and lots of other areas. Besides, you can never forget that wrongly building a deck could easily result in serious injuries or death of you or your loved ones. A deck is a project that only expert, seasoned and professional woodworkers should ever attempt.

Experts woodworking projects: an amazing way to invest your time and to challenge yourself, with the added benefit of improving your home or life with an artistic masterpiece build by yourself. What are you waiting to try these ones out?

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How To Build Your Own Wood Storage Shed With Plan

How To Build Your Own Wood Storage Shed With Plan

We love all the projects that can be carried out by oneself, be it small tasks or bigger tasks, such as the construction of a shed. The construction of an own space for the garden is the mission that we face on this occasion, a challenge that can also be very fun. The best part is that you can see the results quickly because the task is not difficult. Proper planning is the key to success.

The first thing to do is inform the corresponding municipality, although it is normal that a specific project is not necessary, given that it is a small construction. The size, of course, will also be related to the size of the garden or garden to which it will provide service. We must also be clear about what we want to store in the shed when it comes to laying out its surface: it can only be a space for storing tools or a complete workshop in which to carry out DIY and gardening work, if necessary. we are fans of it.

1. Where and why to build a shed?

Where? in the part of the garden that has a point of view able to let you admire all the beauty that makes up your exterior and where of course there are optimal dimensions, because even if it is a  tiny shed , it requires enough space to maneuver when building and not saturate the composition of the place once finished.

In why choose to make this construction, simple, because it is a space that allows you to enjoy your home, and whenever something allows you that, it deserves to appear. Now, if you accompany these sensations with the satisfaction of doing it yourself, I think there are plenty of reasons to create it, do not you think?, Especially if it promises to look as beautiful as the one made by Ecospace Spain.

2. Get a storage shed plan

Good storage plans will go a long way in easing the tedious burden of you building a storage shed yourself and it also makes it more fun. Free shed plans can be gotten from Google by searching “free storage shed plans“. The choice with regard to the roof is very varied, you can choose the traditional tiles that will give a rustic touch to the shed or there are other alternatives such as wood, metal or aluminum. The most important thing is that the design suits your space. Once you have chosen what you want it is important to get a budget that will be decisive to make the final decision.

3. The soil

We must make sure that the shed that we have to build has a solid base, because a good base is very important so that the rest of the structure remains stable.

At the beginning of the construction of the garden shed we must carefully choose the plot area that will serve as the base. It is convenient to choose a firm and smooth area of ​​land on which we will place the floor of the shed. Having a small concrete foundation, as a superficial foundation, will provide a good base on which to build the shed. In it, we can anchor the vertical structure of the building, usually using metal anchors that will then be connected to the wooden structure.

4. To lift the structure!

As we said, on the base will be fixed metal anchors that will be embedded in the structure of the shed if it is made of wood, as is usual. This being the case, we will raise the wooden pillars and connect these with the main beams to form the frame of the shed. The wooden structure is a good solution for this type of construction but it must be well anchored to the concrete base to hold the wind action, hence the importance of it being perfectly leveled.

5. The construction of the roof

Once the base of the house has been built and the pillars to which we will fix the walls have been erected, it is time for the final enclosure, incorporating the roof. The roof of the shed can have different shapes, from a flat roof to a gable roof, through many other solutions. The most commonly used materials for the roof of this type of construction are: elements of vegetable origin, such as straw or canes, ceramic tiles, wooden shingles, pieces of slate, etc. all this placed on a good  wooden base , resting on the main structure that we have already erected.

As we say, when choosing the finishing material that we will use for the roof of the shed, we have a wide variety of solutions at our disposal. We can even think about placing a green roof, that is, a roof that incorporates vegetation. This can be a very ecological solution, which will also help to integrate the new construction into the natural space of the garden. Of course, it must be executed carefully and with the appropriate professional advice to avoid leaks and humidity inside the shed.

6. Windows?

One option is to place windows, if in addition to protecting the roof you want the enclosed space you can place windows as a protection element. You can find many videos on the internet that experienced hands will show you how to do it. There are lots of shed plans that incorporate windows in their design so no matter what you want you are covered.

7. Closed Or Open, The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy

An important decision is to leave the space open or closed. If you decide to close it with a door, we recommend that you buy a prepared door, although it is also possible to manufacture it yourself. The important thing is that the hole provided for its installation is correctly executed so that its subsequent placement is simple and safe. Remember that you must provide a clearance in the lower part of the door leaf of 1 or 1.5 cm to avoid rubbing with the floor (even if it is completely flat). Therefore, before manufacturing or buying the door we must be very precise with the measurement. To help you choose the most suitable door for your shed, you can consult the section that homify specifically dedicates to this important element in all construction.

You can always choose a prefabricated shed from the many options proposed by specialized companies, but as you can see, if your dream is to build your own cabin or garden tool room, it’s time to get down to work .

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