10 Easy DIY Wood Art Projects That are Affordable and Simple to Build

10 Easy DIY Wood Art Projects That are Affordable and Simple to Build

One of the best ways to make your home even more beautiful than currently is adding DIY wood art to both your indoors and outdoors. Good news for you is that there are tons of amazing and eye-catching home wood art that you can create easily and affordably.

DIY wood art projects are your chance to showcase your creativity and originality. More importantly, it is an opportunity for you to add your personal touch to your home. Also, by creating wood art and then decorating your home with it, you may inspire people visiting your home to make changes to their own homes, which is something you can be proud of.

So, what are the great DIY wood projects that can you complete easily at your home without much expense? There are tons of options to pick from. However, we have chosen the following 10 DIY wood art projects that are easy to build and won’t put too much burden on your finances. Let’s start with the list.

1. Wood Slice Mirror Frame

A DIY project that involves cutting a lot of slices of a wooden branch, the wood slice mirror frame has an incredible amount of charm and great quality. This wood art project can be a prominent part of any bedroom makeover project. The DIY mirror frame will look great in your living room as well. The tool list, materials, and instructions for building the wood slice mirror frame can be found on Jamie Costiglio.

2. DIY Wood Cheese Board

Although you can’t use it as home décor, a DIY cutting board is one of the most useful things that you can build for your home. Besides this, this DIY wood art is extremely easy to build. A hardwood board, a saw to cut it, a paintbrush, sandpaper, and a finish are all that is needed to complete this project. You can beautifully display appetizers on the DIY wood cheese board after building it. You can get the tools list and instructions for building this DIY cutting board on homeDIT.

3. DIY Wooden Picture Holders

If you’re looking for décor to personalize your desks, then a DIY wooden picture holder is a great option. You can personalize your space and show your best shots by creating an affordable and easy to build wooden picture holder. Some wood, a spray paint, and a little bit of creativity are all that is needed to complete this DIY project. The tools list and instructions for building DIY wooden picture holders can be found on PASSIONSHAKE.

4. Easy Quilt Ladder

If you’re looking for a functional décor item with a rustic accent, then the easy quilt ladder can be a great choice for a DIY wood art project. An extremely straightforward wood art project, the easy quilt ladder can be built affordably and with minimal tools/materials. This DIY wood art is a great choice for both its function and aesthetic appeal. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the easy quilt ladder can be found on Sydney Makes Stuff.

5. Cake Stand

If you want to test your creativity, then you should try your hand at this DIY wood art project. A piece of wood art with a rustic look, the DIY cake stand can bring a welcome change to your home’s ambiance. You can use it as a centerpiece in your living room to enhance the look of the space. You can also present this DIY wood art to someone as a gift; they will love you for it. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY cake stand can be found on homeDIT.

6. Easy Wooden Signs

Love rustic wooden signs but have always found them too difficult or complicated to build? Well, there are many others like you. The good news is that now you build wooden signs at home. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building easy wooden signs that will look great on your door can be found on Salvaged Inspirations.

7. DIY Plywood Art Piece

If you aim to create a piece of wood art that has no function but is great to look at, then the DIT plywood art piece is a great option. Although this wood art project has no practical purpose, it can help create a gorgeous display that guests won’t stop looking at. The DIY plywood art piece will look great in your dining room. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for this DIY wood art project on homeDIT.

8. DIY Rustic Centerpiece

Another piece of décor for your dining or living room, the DIT rustic centerpiece is a great wood art project that will provide you with a useful and versatile décor item made from wood. The tools list, materials, and instructions for the DIY rustic centerpiece can be found on Love Grows Wild.

9. DIY Wood Slab Serving Tray

A practical and decorative piece of wood art, the wood slab serving tray can be a great addition to your dining table before the holiday season. An easy DIY wood art project, the slab serving tray can be painted to create an attractive/aesthetically pleasing serving tray for your home. This DIY project can be accomplished without any problems and you can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building it on homeDIT.

10. Wood Slice Clock

The tenth and final DIY wood art project on our list is the wood slice clock. Easy to build, the DIY wood slice clock will add a classic and natural touch to your home. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building the slice clock on The Summery Umbrella.

There you have it—10 easy DIY wood art projects that are affordable and simple to build.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Tool Shed

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Tool Shed

If you leave your tools out in the open for an extended period, then even the best rust-resistant coating in the world won’t save them from harm. The good news is that inexpensive materials and modular construction have now made it easy and affordable to build a tool shed.

By constructing a tool shed, you can create a clean, dry and secure place from where you can easily access your tools. Also, if you use cedar to construct the shed, then the shed will be naturally resistant to rot. This means that the shed will protect your tools from both pests and precipitation. Here, we will provide you with all the details about how to build a tool shed. Let’s get started.

Some Tips for Getting Started with the Construction of a Tool Shed

Before we reveal how to build a tool shed, we want to provide you with some useful tips for getting started with the tool shed construction. First and foremost, you should that this is a simple and low-cost construction. You can build the parts for the construction in your garage and assemble them with your own bare hands.

Another reason for the low overall cost of this construction is that it involves modes finishes like fiberglass shingles, composite trim, and OSB siding which are not that costly. Also, since it is easy to build and assemble the shed with your own hands, you can save hundreds of dollars that you would have otherwise spent on labor.

The wood platform foundation and the modular construction of the shed mean that it can be constructed virtually anywhere including on sloping or remote sites. A tool shed has a simple constriction that only requires a circular saw and standard carpentry tools. If you can get a friend or family member to help you with the construction, then you can get the shell and platform ready in two to three days. It will take another couple of days to complete the windows, roofing, doors, trim, and siding to build the shed.

Whether or not you will need a permit for the shed will depend on how it is constructed and the materials you’ve used. We recommend getting in touch with your local building department to find out if you require a permit for the tool shed or not. The last bit of advice that we will give is to choose an appropriate location for the shed. This is important for building a stable shed that can provide the right amount of protection to your tools. We can now start with the step-by-step guide to build a tool shed.

The Items to Gather

The first and foremost thing you need to do to build a shed for your tools is to gather everything that you will need to construct the shed. Following is a list of items that you will need for building the tool shed:

  • Three 2×4 frames
  • Plywood shelves
  • Tongue-and-groove cedar boards
  • Wood glue
  • 2×6 header
  • 1×2 lumber
  • 1×3 strips
  • Nails
  • Circular saw
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Once you have gathered the above-mentioned items, you can start to construct the tool shed. The first step to do that would be assembling the framing.

1. Assemble the Framing

The three 2×4 frames will have to be built by you

  • Make sure the frames you create have a center crosspiece and a top that is angled
  • Once the frames are created, connect them at the top and bottom’s front and back
  • Nail the 1×2 lumbers around the openings of the door at the framing’s front side
  • Take the 2×6 header and glue it across the front using the wood glue. Screw the header as well to ensure it sticks properly
  • The frame is assembled

2. Build Floor and Shelves

Once you have assembled the framing, the next step would be to build the floor and shelves. Following are the steps to do that:

  • Cut a plywood piece that can fit into the framing’s base. To allow the piece to align with the 1×2 lumbers in the front, let a ¾-inch be overhung
  • Level the plywood to allow it to fit around the framing. Use glue and screw to set the plywood in place
  • Provide the needed support to the shelving by screwing crosspieces into the middle
  • After it is cut, screw down the plywood shelving

3. Slide the Shed

After you’ve built the floor and shelves, the next step would be to slide the shed. Following is how you need to do that:

  • Using nails, connect the frame’s exterior with the tongue-and-groove cedar boards. Connect the boards to the exterior on the back and sides
  • Use a circular saw to cut the boards’ top edges flush with the framing

4. Attach the Roof

Once the shed has been slid, you can start to attach the roof. Following are the steps to do that:

  • Using nails, connect the top of the frame with tongue-and-groove cedar boards
  • Overhang the roof on the front and sides

5. Build and Hang the Doors

The fifth and final step to build a tool shed involves building and hanging the doors. Following are the steps to do that:

  • To get the doors to fit below the header, cut them to the height of the doors
  • To hold the 1×3 strips together, screw them across the back
  • Next, attach each door’s frame with a 1×3 frame
  • Using heavy-duty hinges, attach the doors to the shed

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to build a tool shed where you can store all your tools and keep them safe from any damage.

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Awesome Cedar Bench Plans for Your Outdoors

Awesome Cedar Bench Plans for Your Outdoors

If you’re looking for sturdy and durable furniture for your outdoors, then there’s nothing better than cedar furniture. Known for its strength for thousands of years, cedar wood is a great choice of furniture for your patio and garden.

While there are several material options for outdoor furniture, you can’t go wrong with cedar. Its stability, graceful aging, and natural resistance to bugs, decay, and water make it an ideal choice. If you opt for cedar furniture for your outdoors, then you can expect several benefits from it; these include natural properties, ingrained insulation, strength and durability, low maintenance, and affordability.

With the benefits of cedar wood for your outdoors clear, let’s look into some great cedar bench plans for your outdoors that will surely enhance the appeal and value of both your outdoors and home.

1. Simple Cedar Outdoor Bench

The first cedar bench plan on our list is the simple cedar outdoor bench. An easy to build outdoor cedar bench, this cedar bench plan is 36” high, 52” wide, and 28” long. The outdoor cedar bench would sit pretty on just about any deck, patio, or garden.

An extremely sturdy bench with a durable backrest, the simple cedar outdoor bench is one of the best furniture choices for the outdoors. This bench can easily withstand several years of heavy use. Without care for anything in the world, you can rest your back and arms on this bench for hours on every day of the week.

2. DIY Cedar Bench with Table

If you’re looking for an outdoor bench from where you can enjoy the sunset or sunrise while having your breakfast or hi-tea, then the DIY cedar bench with table would be a great choice. This cedar bench can be best described as two cedar chairs joined together with a table resting in the middle. You can build this bench in two days. Additionally, it would cost you no more than thirty dollars to build this outdoor bench.

An ideal bench for your patio or deck, the cedar bench with table is a great investment because of the wood’s durability and strength. While two days are the standard to complete this woodwork project, you can build the bench within a day if you have all the required tools in place and are willing to dedicate most of the day towards the project. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY cedar bench with table can be found on My Outdoor Plans.

3.    Planter Bench

A cedar bench that you can assemble in a day, the planter bench will add a contemporary style to your outdoors. However, the best thing about this DIY cedar bench is that it has a removable lid which features storage space. The planter bench will add great style and appeal to your outdoors: you can count on it. The tools list, materials, and directions for building the planter bench can be found on here.

4.    DIY Cedar Garden Bench

If you’re looking for a great bench plan for your outdoors, then there are a few better choices than the DIY cedar garden bench. Made from basic materials, this outdoor bench is the perfect bench for enjoying the outdoors. Constructed using fence pickets, 2×4 boards, and 1×6 boards, the DIY Cedar garden bench is easy to build. The project can be completed within a few days. For this cedar bench plan, we will provide you with the materials, tools list, parts/cut list, and the directions to build the bench here. Let’s start.

Tools List

  • Rigid table saw
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Sander
  • Clamps
  • Nail gun
  • Cordless drill
  • Miter Saw
  • Impact driver


  • Two 96” 1 x 6 Boards
  • Two 72” 1 x 6 Fence Picket
  • Four 96” 2 x 4 Boards
  • Wood glue
  • Box of 2 ½ inch screws
  • Stain or sealer
  • Box of 1 ¼ inch screws

Parts/ Cut List

  • Two underside supports
  • Two 3-inches wide utility handles
  • Two Cedar picket inner shelves
  • Standard coat hanger
  • Two cedar picket shelves
  • Four long stretchers
  • Two Inner bench top boards
  • Four legs
  • Four short stretchers
  • Two outer bench top boards


  1. Gather all the materials on the list and find a flat surface for the DIY project
  2. Cut the boards as per measurements in the list
  3. Using the upper stretchers and legs, layout the bench’s frame. To ensure that the bench’s part rest on the flat work surface, start assembling the frame upside down
  4. Create holes in each stretcher board’s ends using a pocket hole jig. Next, the jig needs to be set to a 1 ½ stock setting. To eliminate the rough edges and smooth out the boards before assembly, perform a light sanding
  5. Inset the top stretchers quarter of an inch in from the outside of each leg using ¼ spacers. Use pocket screws to attach
  6. Using 2 ½ inch pocket screws, attach the two-short top stretchers
  7. Using pocket hole screws, join together the two underside support boards after measuring in thirteen inches from each leg’s inside
  8. On a flat surface, assemble the support for the lower shelf
  9. From each leg’s bottom, measure three and a half inches and put a mark. Attach each leg at the mark to the bottom stretchers or shelf support
  10. Each fence picket should be cut to a length of 17”. Make six of the pickets the full five and a half inches wide. Shred two of the pickets down to a width of four inches using a table saw. These are for the two centerboards. Use 1 ¼ screws and glue to attach
  11. The top boards of the bench should be cut to a length of 46 ½ inches. Shred the two inside boards’ width to 3 3/8 inches using a table saw
  12. The bench top should be assembled next. Use 1 ¼ inches screws and wood glue for this purpose. A ¾-inch overhang will be present on the right and left side. A ½-inch overhang will be present on the front and back. There will be a slight gap between each
  13. Using a grit sandpaper, sand the finished piece before you stain or seal it
  14. Using your choice of finish, complete the project
  15. Once the finish is dry, attach the hardware
  16. Congratulations, your DIY cedar garden bench is ready

These are some of the best cedar bench plans for your outdoors that you can try at your home.

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Top 10 Deck Chair Plans for Your Home

Top 10 Deck Chair Plans for Your Home

High-quality deck chairs can increase your comfort level outdoors while adding value to your home. Now, you have two options—you can either buy an expensive deckchair from an online or physical furniture retailer or you can build the chair yourself at your home.

If you choose the latter, then you have a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and skills by designing a unique piece of outdoor furniture. As you would know already, there are several deck chair designs and plans to choose from. Therefore, you should choose a deck chair design or plan only after you’ve carefully assessed your needs and preferences.

In addition to design considerations, make sure to use quality lumber such as redwood, cedar, or pine to get the job done in a professional manner. Also, start the project only after you’ve made sure the slats are perfectly straight and in good condition. Moreover, to prevent the wood from splitting, drive in the screws and drill holes in the lumber only after the components are perfectly aligned. With the dos and don’ts of DIY deck chair outlined, we can move onto some great deck chair plans for your home.

1. Adirondack Chair Made from Reclaimed Pallet Wood

The first deck chair plan that we have for your home is an Adirondack chair made from reclaimed pallet wood. The step-by-step guide for building this deck chair is provided by Instructables. The best thing about this deck chair plan is that it is a really simple design that can be completed easily at home without any trouble.

The only things needed to build the deck chair are pallet wood, screws, sandpaper, a saw, and a drill. You can also use paint on the wood if you want. However, it is best to leave it as it is to ensure a natural finish.

2. Scrap Adirondack Chair

Another great deck chair plan for your home is the scrap Adirondack chair.  The best thing about this chair is that it has a solid and heavy base. Although this can make the chair difficult to move around, the chair will always stay stable. Once again, the instructions for this deck chair plan are provided by Instructables. As the name suggests, scrap wood is used to build scrap Adirondack chair. Once it is built, the scrap Adirondack chair can be extremely pleasing to the eye.

3. Adirondack Chaise Lounge

Comfort and practicality are two things that deck chairs are designed/built for. For this reason, building a chaise lounge version of this chair is recommended. This deck chair plan featured on Instructables lets you pick between new lumber and scrap wood options for the project. The final decision is left to you.

4. Easy Deck Chair

An easy-to-build deck chair, the easy deck chair is free of curves or unusual elements and can be easily put together. Start by cutting the wood, gather the needed materials, and begin assembling the chair. Start with the legs; then, move to the seat and  arms. Finish off at the backrest. Make sure all the pieces of the chair fit perfectly like a solved puzzle. You can look up the complete set of instructions on Instructables to produce the finished product.

5. Adirondack Ski Chair

If you have old skis that you no longer use, then you can repurpose them to make a stunning deck chair. An inspiring project with clear instructions provided by Instructables, the Adirondack ski chair will enhance the appeal of your outdoors. The best thing about this project or deck chair plan is that you can personalize it to add your own unique touch to the chair.

6. Folding Adirondack Chair

If you want to build a deck chair that is closer to the original deck chair in terms of proportions and overall design but features a special mechanism that helps it to stand out, then a folding Adirondack chair is a great option. You can build this deck chair yourself by following the step-by-step guide provided by Instructables.

7. Solid Wood Adirondack Chairs

Paint can add character to any piece of furniture and enhance its aesthetic appeal. With a brightly-colored coat, a solid wood Adirondack chair will add to the overall appeal of your outdoors and home. The instructions for constructing the solid wood Adirondack chair and then adding a lovely coat of paint to it is provided by Instructables.

8. Child-Size Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Comfort is the biggest reason to buy or build a deck chair. This is because all deck chairs have high backrests, wide seats, and a unique angle that provides equips them with the ability of a rocking chair. If you want a rocking chair that looks and behaves like a deck chair, then building a child-size Adirondack rocking chair is a great option. You can find the instructions for this deck chair design plan on Instructables.

9. Classic Adirondack Chair Plans

If you desire an elegant appearance, supreme comfort, easily build, rigid construction, and contoured seat and back, then you should consider classic deck chair plans. Here is a working plan for building a classic Adirondack chair.

10. The Perfect Garden Chair

The final deck chair plan on our list is the perfect garden chair. This is a great deck chair to build if you enjoy spending time in the garden watching your plants and flowers grow. You can sit on this relaxing chair for hours to admire nature at work—not just plants but also butterflies and other interesting creatures that scurry through your garden. You can find the instructions to build this chair here.

These are some great deck chair plans for your home that can help to enhance the appeal of your outdoors and increase the value of your place.

9 Great Table Plans for Your Garden

9 Great Table Plans for Your Garden

Whether it is resting in a rocking chair or rolling out a big breakfast buffet on a picnic table, there will always be something special about garden furniture. Most furniture will look good in a lush green garden; however, you must consider your lifestyle before making a choice in this regard. Go for solid furniture if you organize a lot of garden parties; otherwise, stick to small cozy chairs and tables that are easy to build and accommodate.

When we talk about garden tables, one of the best things about them is that they instantly provide an outdoor eating/picnic area for the family. There are several other reasons for building a garden table as well; this includes creating an inviting place where guests can relax, providing kids with a place to eat outdoors, creating comfortable areas for activities and parties, and having a place outdoors where the entire family can gather and have a great time.

Having discussed all the advantages of garden tables, it’s time that we looked at some great table plans that you can use for your home. Let’s begin.

1. Easy DIY Picnic Table from Kleinworth & Co.

An incredibly easy-to-build garden table, the easy DIY picnic table from Kleinworth & CO. can be assembled in less than thirty minutes. Not only is this DIY garden table simple to build, but it has some other qualities that make it a great option for any garden. These qualities include weatherproof stain and seating fixed to both sides of the table. More information about this DIY table is available on Kleinworth & Co.

2. DIY Patio Table with Built-In Ice Box from Remodelaholic

Although this table is meant for the patio, it will look great on your garden too. Not only will this garden table be great to have during parties and hang-out sessions with friends but it will also get all the attention from your guests and visitors. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY patio table with built-in icebox from Remodelaholic are provided here.

3. Industrial Farmhouse Picnic Table from Twelve on Main

If you have a liking for industrial farmhouse style furniture, then you’d like the industrial farmhouse picnic table from Twelve on Main. This DIY picnic table can provide you with a place in the garden where your family can sit and enjoy all the scenery that surrounds you. If you’re willing to put in a bit of hard work into creating DIY furniture, then you can build an amazing table for your garden in no time. The tools list, materials, and instructions for the industrial farmhouse picnic table can be found on Twelve on Main.

4. Garden Bar from Recycled Pallets

Made from discarded pallets and reclaimed timber, the garden bar from Recycled Pallets is an amazing piece of garden furniture that you can build. The best things about this DIY garden table is that it takes no more than a few days to build. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the garden bar from Recycled Pallets can be found on Recyclart.

5. Farmhouse Style Picnic Table from Simply Kierste

If you’re looking for an easy-to-build garden table with great function and appeal, then the farmhouse style picnic table from Simply Kierste is a great option. Once it is built, you can use the table for eating/picnicking purpose. You can also use it as a place to keep your outdoor décor. Either way, it is an extremely useful piece of furniture. All the details about building this DIY garden table, including tools list, materials, and directions, can be found on Old Salt Farm.

6. Weekend DIY Picnic Table

The Weekend DIY Picnic Table is a great option if you are looking for a simple garden table which can accommodate your family’s weekend outings. It requires no great skill to build this garden table yet the finished product (if built properly) looks stunning and has a great function. If you’re willing to dedicate most of the day towards the DIY project, then the weekend DIY picnic table can be built on the same day the project was started. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building this DIY garden table can be found on DIY DIVA.

7. Herringbone Picnic Table from a Turtle’s Life for Me

Although it is incredibly simple to build, the herringbone table from a Turtle’s Life for Me will look absolutely amazing in any garden. The DIY garden table can accommodate you and your family while enjoying a mini feast. You can find the tools list, materials, and instructions for building the herringbone picnic table on A Turtles Life for Me.

8. Pallet Wood Picnic Table from Craft Box Girls

You can put old pallet wood to use to create the pallet wood picnic table from Craft Box Girls that will look great in your garden. By following the step-by-step instructions for it, you can easily build the DIY pallet wood picnic table. All the tools, materials, and instructions for building the garden table can be found on Craft Box Girls.

9. DIY Kids Picnic Table from Love and Renovations

Of course, we had to include something in our list that is meant specifically for the kids. The DIY kids picnic table from Love and Renovations is a pint-sized picnic table that can be a great place for kids to eat, draw, and play outdoors. Once the table is constructed, you can paint with a fun design that catches the interest of your kids. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY kids’ picnic table can be found on Love and Renovations.

These are some of the amazing garden table plans that you can choose from for your garden. You won’t regret it!


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