Awesome Cedar Bench Plans for Your Outdoors

Written by Stephen

On September 28, 2019
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If you’re looking for sturdy and durable furniture for your outdoors, then there’s nothing better than cedar furniture. Known for its strength for thousands of years, cedar wood is a great choice of furniture for your patio and garden.

While there are several material options for outdoor furniture, you can’t go wrong with cedar. Its stability, graceful aging, and natural resistance to bugs, decay, and water make it an ideal choice. If you opt for cedar furniture for your outdoors, then you can expect several benefits from it; these include natural properties, ingrained insulation, strength and durability, low maintenance, and affordability.

With the benefits of cedar wood for your outdoors clear, let’s look into some great cedar bench plans for your outdoors that will surely enhance the appeal and value of both your outdoors and home.

1. Simple Cedar Outdoor Bench

The first cedar bench plan on our list is the simple cedar outdoor bench. An easy to build outdoor cedar bench, this cedar bench plan is 36” high, 52” wide, and 28” long. The outdoor cedar bench would sit pretty on just about any deck, patio, or garden.

An extremely sturdy bench with a durable backrest, the simple cedar outdoor bench is one of the best furniture choices for the outdoors. This bench can easily withstand several years of heavy use. Without care for anything in the world, you can rest your back and arms on this bench for hours on every day of the week.

2. DIY Cedar Bench with Table

If you’re looking for an outdoor bench from where you can enjoy the sunset or sunrise while having your breakfast or hi-tea, then the DIY cedar bench with table would be a great choice. This cedar bench can be best described as two cedar chairs joined together with a table resting in the middle. You can build this bench in two days. Additionally, it would cost you no more than thirty dollars to build this outdoor bench.

An ideal bench for your patio or deck, the cedar bench with table is a great investment because of the wood’s durability and strength. While two days are the standard to complete this woodwork project, you can build the bench within a day if you have all the required tools in place and are willing to dedicate most of the day towards the project. The tools list, materials, and instructions for building the DIY cedar bench with table can be found on My Outdoor Plans.

3.    Planter Bench

A cedar bench that you can assemble in a day, the planter bench will add a contemporary style to your outdoors. However, the best thing about this DIY cedar bench is that it has a removable lid which features storage space. The planter bench will add great style and appeal to your outdoors: you can count on it. The tools list, materials, and directions for building the planter bench can be found on here.

4.    DIY Cedar Garden Bench

If you’re looking for a great bench plan for your outdoors, then there are a few better choices than the DIY cedar garden bench. Made from basic materials, this outdoor bench is the perfect bench for enjoying the outdoors. Constructed using fence pickets, 2×4 boards, and 1×6 boards, the DIY Cedar garden bench is easy to build. The project can be completed within a few days. For this cedar bench plan, we will provide you with the materials, tools list, parts/cut list, and the directions to build the bench here. Let’s start.

Tools List

  • Rigid table saw
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Sander
  • Clamps
  • Nail gun
  • Cordless drill
  • Miter Saw
  • Impact driver


  • Two 96” 1 x 6 Boards
  • Two 72” 1 x 6 Fence Picket
  • Four 96” 2 x 4 Boards
  • Wood glue
  • Box of 2 ½ inch screws
  • Stain or sealer
  • Box of 1 ¼ inch screws

Parts/ Cut List

  • Two underside supports
  • Two 3-inches wide utility handles
  • Two Cedar picket inner shelves
  • Standard coat hanger
  • Two cedar picket shelves
  • Four long stretchers
  • Two Inner bench top boards
  • Four legs
  • Four short stretchers
  • Two outer bench top boards


  1. Gather all the materials on the list and find a flat surface for the DIY project
  2. Cut the boards as per measurements in the list
  3. Using the upper stretchers and legs, layout the bench’s frame. To ensure that the bench’s part rest on the flat work surface, start assembling the frame upside down
  4. Create holes in each stretcher board’s ends using a pocket hole jig. Next, the jig needs to be set to a 1 ½ stock setting. To eliminate the rough edges and smooth out the boards before assembly, perform a light sanding
  5. Inset the top stretchers quarter of an inch in from the outside of each leg using ¼ spacers. Use pocket screws to attach
  6. Using 2 ½ inch pocket screws, attach the two-short top stretchers
  7. Using pocket hole screws, join together the two underside support boards after measuring in thirteen inches from each leg’s inside
  8. On a flat surface, assemble the support for the lower shelf
  9. From each leg’s bottom, measure three and a half inches and put a mark. Attach each leg at the mark to the bottom stretchers or shelf support
  10. Each fence picket should be cut to a length of 17”. Make six of the pickets the full five and a half inches wide. Shred two of the pickets down to a width of four inches using a table saw. These are for the two centerboards. Use 1 ¼ screws and glue to attach
  11. The top boards of the bench should be cut to a length of 46 ½ inches. Shred the two inside boards’ width to 3 3/8 inches using a table saw
  12. The bench top should be assembled next. Use 1 ¼ inches screws and wood glue for this purpose. A ¾-inch overhang will be present on the right and left side. A ½-inch overhang will be present on the front and back. There will be a slight gap between each
  13. Using a grit sandpaper, sand the finished piece before you stain or seal it
  14. Using your choice of finish, complete the project
  15. Once the finish is dry, attach the hardware
  16. Congratulations, your DIY cedar garden bench is ready

These are some of the best cedar bench plans for your outdoors that you can try at your home.

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