Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by R.A. Salaman

Written by Stephen

On July 3, 2021

Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by R.A. Salaman


Dictionary of Woodworking Tools

by R.A. Salaman

Definitive reference for tool identification.

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This amazing 500 page compendium describes almost every woodworking hand tool that has been used in the European woodworking tradition in the last several hundred years. This book is recognized as a definitive reference work on the subject for its breadth of scope. The number of tools listed here is staggering.

Of course a great deal of the book is devoted to presenting all the variations on standard tools that the author could find in his research. The subject of planes is 80 pages long with hundreds of illustrations.

The illustrations are copious throughout and obviously necessary for such a comprehensive work. You’ll be amazed at how many different ways people have configured wood and metal for the purposes of working wood. When you find those odd looking tools in antique shops and want to identify their use, this is the book to use.

This is a descriptive compendium, not a handbook for using, so little space is devoted to how the tools are used, though the author usually tells what specific tasks a tool was intended for. If you want more information on how to use hand tools, see Graham Blackburn’s book, Traditional Woodworking Handtools.

This book is alphabetically organized and has no separate chapters.

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