How To Build Your Own Wood Storage Shed With Plan

Written by Stephen

On August 4, 2018
How To Build Your Own Wood Storage Shed With Plan

We love all the projects that can be carried out by oneself, be it small tasks or bigger tasks, such as the construction of a shed. The construction of an own space for the garden is the mission that we face on this occasion, a challenge that can also be very fun. The best part is that you can see the results quickly because the task is not difficult. Proper planning is the key to success.

The first thing to do is inform the corresponding municipality, although it is normal that a specific project is not necessary, given that it is a small construction. The size, of course, will also be related to the size of the garden or garden to which it will provide service. We must also be clear about what we want to store in the shed when it comes to laying out its surface: it can only be a space for storing tools or a complete workshop in which to carry out DIY and gardening work, if necessary. we are fans of it.

1. Where and why to build a shed?

Where? in the part of the garden that has a point of view able to let you admire all the beauty that makes up your exterior and where of course there are optimal dimensions, because even if it is a  tiny shed , it requires enough space to maneuver when building and not saturate the composition of the place once finished.

In why choose to make this construction, simple, because it is a space that allows you to enjoy your home, and whenever something allows you that, it deserves to appear. Now, if you accompany these sensations with the satisfaction of doing it yourself, I think there are plenty of reasons to create it, do not you think?, Especially if it promises to look as beautiful as the one made by Ecospace Spain.

2. Get a storage shed plan

Good storage plans will go a long way in easing the tedious burden of you building a storage shed yourself and it also makes it more fun. Free shed plans can be gotten from Google by searching “free storage shed plans“. The choice with regard to the roof is very varied, you can choose the traditional tiles that will give a rustic touch to the shed or there are other alternatives such as wood, metal or aluminum. The most important thing is that the design suits your space. Once you have chosen what you want it is important to get a budget that will be decisive to make the final decision.

3. The soil

We must make sure that the shed that we have to build has a solid base, because a good base is very important so that the rest of the structure remains stable.

At the beginning of the construction of the garden shed we must carefully choose the plot area that will serve as the base. It is convenient to choose a firm and smooth area of ​​land on which we will place the floor of the shed. Having a small concrete foundation, as a superficial foundation, will provide a good base on which to build the shed. In it, we can anchor the vertical structure of the building, usually using metal anchors that will then be connected to the wooden structure.

4. To lift the structure!

As we said, on the base will be fixed metal anchors that will be embedded in the structure of the shed if it is made of wood, as is usual. This being the case, we will raise the wooden pillars and connect these with the main beams to form the frame of the shed. The wooden structure is a good solution for this type of construction but it must be well anchored to the concrete base to hold the wind action, hence the importance of it being perfectly leveled.

5. The construction of the roof

Once the base of the house has been built and the pillars to which we will fix the walls have been erected, it is time for the final enclosure, incorporating the roof. The roof of the shed can have different shapes, from a flat roof to a gable roof, through many other solutions. The most commonly used materials for the roof of this type of construction are: elements of vegetable origin, such as straw or canes, ceramic tiles, wooden shingles, pieces of slate, etc. all this placed on a good  wooden base , resting on the main structure that we have already erected.

As we say, when choosing the finishing material that we will use for the roof of the shed, we have a wide variety of solutions at our disposal. We can even think about placing a green roof, that is, a roof that incorporates vegetation. This can be a very ecological solution, which will also help to integrate the new construction into the natural space of the garden. Of course, it must be executed carefully and with the appropriate professional advice to avoid leaks and humidity inside the shed.

6. Windows?

One option is to place windows, if in addition to protecting the roof you want the enclosed space you can place windows as a protection element. You can find many videos on the internet that experienced hands will show you how to do it. There are lots of shed plans that incorporate windows in their design so no matter what you want you are covered.

7. Closed Or Open, The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy

An important decision is to leave the space open or closed. If you decide to close it with a door, we recommend that you buy a prepared door, although it is also possible to manufacture it yourself. The important thing is that the hole provided for its installation is correctly executed so that its subsequent placement is simple and safe. Remember that you must provide a clearance in the lower part of the door leaf of 1 or 1.5 cm to avoid rubbing with the floor (even if it is completely flat). Therefore, before manufacturing or buying the door we must be very precise with the measurement. To help you choose the most suitable door for your shed, you can consult the section that homify specifically dedicates to this important element in all construction.

You can always choose a prefabricated shed from the many options proposed by specialized companies, but as you can see, if your dream is to build your own cabin or garden tool room, it’s time to get down to work .

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