4 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects for Christmas Gifts

4 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects for Christmas Gifts

With the holiday season just around the corner, everyone has started to think about what they can gift their near-and-dear ones for Christmas. Different people have different woodworking project ideas for Christmas gifts. Some are considering gifting expensive phones, bags, watches, and the like to their family and friends for Christmas. Then, there is another segment of people who believe in gifting a prized personal belonging to show how much they care about the person receiving the gift.

However, our article concerns the category of people who love the idea of handcrafted Christmas gifts and want to make Christmas a special event for others and themselves. Such folks create gifts from their own hands rather than picking up an item from a gift shop shelf. This is because they strongly believe that DIY Christmas gifts hold more sentimental value than gifts picked up from the store.

Items made via woodworking projects are considered among the best DIY gift ideas by such folks. If you fall into this category of people or are inspired by their idea of meaningful Christmas gifts, then check out these.

Easy DIY Christmas Woodworking Ideas and Try Them at Home :-

1. Tapered Salt-and-Pepper Shakers

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Salt-and-pepper shakers are used in every household; therefore, gifting tapered ones that you’ve made from your own hands can never be a bad thing. Following are the items you will need for this DIY Christmas woodworking project:

  • 32″ x 40″ architectural butter board
  • Drill
  • Table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Random orbital sander
  • Tapering jig

Once you have gathered the above-mentioned items, you can start building the tapered salt-and-pepper shakers. Following are the instructions for completing this woodworking project:

  • Start by cutting the parts.
  • Cut two parts for the front/back of shakers in dimensions of ½” T ×1-3/4” W×6” L.
  • Cut two parts for the sides in dimensions of ½” T ×3/4” W×6” L.
  • Cut two parts for the top/bottom in dimensions of ¼” T×1-3/4” W×1-3/4” L.
  • Cut one part for base centering block in dimensions of ½” T× 3/4” W×3/4” W.
  • Assemble the body pieces using glue.
  • Trim an end square and cut the other at 15 degrees.
  • Place the base-centering block into the body.
  • Assemble the base using some glue.
  • Press the pieces together using a pencil. Insert the pencil through the shaker’s body and press the pieces together by using the eraser. Hold for a few minutes to allow the glue to settle in.
  • Drill the holes and attach the top.
  • Draw the tapers.
  • Cut the tapers.
  • Install the magnetic catch mechanism.
  • Add finishing touches to the shaker.

2. DIY Photo Stocking Hangers

Best Photo Stocking Hangers for Christmas













One of the most popular woodworking Christmas gift ideas is DIY photo stocking hangers project for Christmas. This DIY Christmas gift will add a vintage feel to any room it’s kept in.

All you’ll need for this DIY woodworking project are a few stocking hangers and one big board. All this will cost you no more than a few dollars. Once you have these items in place, you can create the DIY photo stocking hangers by following the instructions below:

  • Buy one 8” 2×6
  • For each stock hanger, cut a 4-inch and 6-inch piece from the 2×6 board
  • Use the 4-inch piece as the stocking’s base and 6-inch piece as the top
  • Using a Kreg jig, drill two 1 1/2-inch pocket holes in each 6-inch piece
  • Using Kreg pocket hole screws, attach the top to the base
  • Using a foam brush, wipe on the piece, and apply a coat of wood stain. Allow it to dry
  • Distress the wood all over using a Ryobi Corner Cat Sander once it is dry
  • Hang the stocking using oil rubbed bronze hooks
  • Hot glue metal clips to each stock hanger’s top center
  • Attach the pictures

3. DIY Birch Vase

DIY Birch Vase













Another great idea for a Christmas gift is a DIY vase made from birch wood. Not only is this DIY Christmas gift easy to make, but it also allows you to experiment with different Christmas woodworking patterns. The reason why a DIY birch vase is a great gift for Christmas is that it adds a natural element to the indoors. Those who will receive your handmade wooden vase will surely appreciate your efforts as well as the craft that went into its making.

The items that you will need for this DIY woodworking project include a log, some sandpaper, a saw, and a tri-fruit drill bit. Following are the instructions for building the DIY Birch Vase:

  • Using a saw, cut down a piece of the log/branch to the desired height
  • Drill a wide hole to a preferred depth using the drill bit
  • To give the top a beautiful and smooth finish, sand it


4. Turned Wood Lidded Box

Turned Wood Lidded Box








This is one of the best DIY Christmas gifts to give to close relations like your parents or your spouse. Small yet elegant, the turned wood lidded box can be built without much expense. The only items that you will need for completing this DIY woodworking project are a four-jaw chuck, a 1/4 parting tool, a half-round scraper, a spindle gauge, and a 1/16 parting tool.

Making this Christmas gift is not very time-consuming. You can make a turned wood lidded box within one day. Upon completion, you can gift the fruits of your labor to your parents or partner, and they can use it for keeping candies or other small edibles. Following are the complete instructions for building this DIY Christmas gift:

  • Start by preparing the blank
  • Using a roughing gouge, change the square block into a round cylinder
  • Using ¼” parting tool, cut a tenon on the cylinder’s two ends
  • To fit a four-jaw chuck, size the tenons
  • After taking out the blank from the lathe, use a four-jaw chuck to replace the drive center. The stock should be mounted in the chuck
  • Using a 1/16” parting tool, separate the upper lid from the base
  • Turn the inside of the lid using a spindle gouge
  • Using a divider, fit the lid to the base
  • Using a spindle gouge, shape the whole box
  • Using the 1/4” parting tool, fit the base opening by turning on a tenon
  • Using a detail gouge, finish the bottom
  • The turned wood lidded box is ready

Christmas is not too far away. You can surprise and delight your friends, family, and other loved ones on Christmas day by gifting them items that you’ve handmade, especially for them. To get printable woodworking project plans, visit here!

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The Best Woodworking Projects for Christmas 2019

The Best Woodworking Projects for Christmas 2019

With several months still left to the holiday season, now would be a great time to learn about some woodworking projects for Christmas. This way, you’ll be able to make items out of wood which you can proudly gift to your near and dear ones this Christmas.

Why have we picked Christmas woodworking projects when the holiday season is so many months away? Because the holiday season and Christmas provide some great ideas and inspiration for woodworking projects that can be performed at home without any fancy equipment. If you’re ready to get a little crafty this Christmas, then following are some great Christmas woodworking projects. The best thing is that you will have plenty of time to perfect them.

1. Peppermint-Striped Candlesticks

Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • A 4×4 fence post
  • A candy-cane paint treatment
  • Tea light

You only need these items and a toolbox comprising of a saw, a hammer or a drill, and some nails to build the wood candlestick. Following are the instructions to complete this woodworking project:

  • Cut the 4×4 post into the desired sizes
  • Use the Candy-Cane paint treatment to strip the 4×4 fence post pieces that you have cut
  • Allow the candlesticks to dry
  • Drill a hole to allow tea lights to sit on top of the candlesticks
  • Your peppermint-stripped candlesticks are ready to be gifted

2. A Tea-Light Candle Holder Center Piece

This is another easy Christmas woodworking project. It will not take you longer than 20 minutes to build a tea-light candle holder centerpiece. Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • A live edge slab that is easy to accommodate on the center of your dining table
  • A 1.5″ spade bit
  • Tea lights
  • Polycrylic protective finish

Once you have the above-mentioned things with you, you can start to build a tea-light candle holder centerpiece in the following way:

  • Start by sanding the edges of the live edge slab
  • Drill a hole to your tea light’s depth by using the 1.5″ spade bit
  • Using a layer of polycrylic, seal the edges
  • You’re done

This is how easy it is to build a tea-light candle holder centerpiece to gift this Christmas.

3. Wood Slice Ornaments

Wood slice ornaments is another one of the easy Christmas woodworking projects. Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • Wood log
  • Jute twine
  • Paint/metallic markers
  • Drill machine

Once you’ve gathered these items, you can get down to work. Following are the instructions for building wood slice ornaments:

  • Slice the wood log into small pieces in the shape of discs
  • Drill a tiny hole in the disc pieces (big enough to insert the jute twine)
  • Insert the jute twine into the hole
  • Use paint or a metallic marker to decorate the wood slices
  • Your wood slice ornaments are ready

4. A Wood Lantern

With the easy woodworking projects for Christmas out of the way, its time we got down to the real business which is building gifts out of wood that will leave your friends and family in a state of awe. Following is the list of items that you will need for this woodworking project:

  • Four feet of 1×2 wood. This wood will need to be cut into four 12″ pieces
  • 1 wine crate
  • A table saw
  • Polycrylic protective finish
  • A reciprocating saw
  • Titebond wood glue
  • A paint or stain combination of your liking
  • Miter saw or box
  • A hammer
  • 18 x 3/4-inch nails
  • 2″ brad nails
  • A nail-gun

Once you have gathered the above items, you can start to work on the wood lantern. Following are the instructions/directions to build it:

  • The first step would be to deconstruct the wine crate. Use the reciprocating saw for this purpose. If you don’t have access to a reciprocating saw, then you can use a jigsaw or hand-saw. However, avoid using a coping saw, as it is extremely unstable and there’s a good chance of you breaking the blade.
  • The next step would be cutting the wine wood to produce the upper and lower half for your lantern. Make sure the lower half for your lantern is big enough to accommodate your candle and glass votive’s diameter. Ideally, it should be 7″ wide and have a depth of 16″.
  • Using the table saw, cut your piece. Start by cutting the outline at 90° and then change to a 45° angle before shaving off the edges once more.
  • Take your 1×2 legs and apply a small amount of wood glue to them. Use a nail gun to secure the edges of your top and bottom squares.
  • Using nails and wood glue, add between the legs little inside pieces. The size of your big squares and the positioning of your legs should determine your measurements.
  • Layout a square that is a tad smaller than your lantern topper’s dimensions. Just like what you did in the case of the top square, cut this square using a table saw at 90° and the change to a 45° angle to continue. Using a small nail and wood glue to secure in place.
  • Finally, use a 1×2 scrap piece and cut a 45° miter on both sides. It is recommended that users do this with a miter box, as it will keep your fingers safe. The cut should look somewhat like a pyramid.
  • You can either leave your wood raw at this point or apply polycrylic plus stain paint if the lantern is meant for the outdoors.
  • Your wood lantern is ready.

Christmas is a great time to show love and affection towards your family and closest friends. One of the best ways to do is by gifting items made with your own bare hands. You can do this by working on the best Christmas woodworking projects listed above.

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