The Toolbox Book by Jim Tolpin

Written by Stephen

On July 3, 2021

The Toolbox Book by Jim Tolpin


The Toolbox Book

by Jim Tolpin

The ultimate toolbox book

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This might have been titled ‘The Ultimate Toolbox Book’, but I suppose someone else has the rights to that name. It’s published by Taunton Press (Fine Woodworking), who have long been known for the exceptional quality of their books, and this is one of their best. Though the intention is to give woodworkers a wealth of info on toolbox design, the beautiful photos make this something you may want to

Tolpin starts off with a look at the history of toolboxes, with treatment of both simple and complicated historical examples. Then he looks at several traditionally inspired designs. A chapter on work from the North Bennet Street School of woodworking in Boston shows pieces that look more like fine furniture than something you would dare take into the shop and risk scratching. Then the bulk of the book covers different box types such as wall cabinets, floor standing designs, rolling carts etc. A chapter on a tricked out van and a photo of the Space Shuttle tool box round things out.

All the box designs covered have excellent photos and/or drawings with overall dimensions, but few have much in the way of specific details for construction. This is not a project book, it’s an idea book for you to use designing your own box. You can easily use one of the drawings with overall dimensions as a start, but you will have to fill in all the details yourself.

A beautiful, well executed book that will make a worthy addition to any woodworking library.

Chapters Include:

  1. Tool Boxes and the Building of a Nation
  2. Traditional Style Tool Chests
  3. A Student Tool Chest Project
  4. Designing In-Shop Tool Storage
  5. Wall Cabinets
  6. Standing Tool Cabinets
  7. Rolling Tool Carts
  8. Designing Site Boxes
  9. Open Shoulder Totes
  10. Lidded Totes
  11. Wheeled Site Boxes
  12. A Toolbox for the Road

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