The Workbench Book by Scott Landis

Written by Stephen

On July 3, 2021

The Workbench Book by Scott Landis


The Workbench Book

by Scott Landis

Very thorough treatment of benches.

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The 1987 classic from The Taunton Press. High quality production and very good photography make this an attractive book to show off on your coffee table. But the real value of the book is how it documents a variety of bench designs, giving you many good ideas for building your own. An indispensible reference if you plan to build a serious bench.

Landis begins with the history of benches, with photos and drawings of older designs. Then he looks very closely at several of these older designs, detailing how they are built and used. Then he looks at various benches made and used by contemporary woodworkers, all incorporating traditional ideas with unique features. Chapters on both shop built and store bought vises cover this subject well. Final chapters cover specialty benches such as Japanese designs, country shaves, boat building etc. where the bench is designed for the particular needs of the user.

In the appendices are 19 pages containing measured drawings for 4 of the bench designs covered in the book. From these drawings and the info in the book you can build a bench, but you will have to fill in a lot of the details. This is not a book of thorough, specific instructions for building each bench, because the focus is on presenting as many different design ideas as possible.

A beautiful book and worthy addition to any woodworking library.

Chapters include:

  1. The Evolution of the Workbench
  2. 18th Century- The Roubo Bench
  3. 19th Century- The Shaker Bench
  4. An Old-Fashioned Workhorse
  5. A Modern Hybrid
  6. A Basic Bench
  7. A Workbench Sampler
  8. Benches to Market
  9. Shop-Built Vises
  10. Off-the-Shelf Vises
  11. Japanese Beams and Trestles
  12. Country Shaves and Brakes
  13. Boatbuilding
  14. Lutherie
  15. Carving
  16. The Workmate
  17. Appendices

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