Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner

Written by Stephen

On July 3, 2021

Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner


Understanding Wood Finishing

by Bob Flexner

An excellent book on wood finishes that explains why as well as how.

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This is the best book on wood finishing I have ever seen. It’s the best because it explains how and why a finish works the way it does, along with explaining the techniques involved with applying the finish. This is a thinking person’s guide to wood finishing- for those of us that want to understand why as well as how.

There are no big mysteries to wood finishes. There are certain types based upon a limited number of formulations, and what you need to know is how each of these types works so you know the best way to apply it. You’ll be best prepared to deal with problems that arise if you understand why the problem is occurring so that you can identify the best solution. Flexner removes the mystery behind wood finishes by explaining in thorough detail the characteristics of each type of wood finish and how to manipulate those characteristics to achieve the result you want.

Still, this in not a dry scientific treatment of chemical properties in wood finishes. It’s written by a pro wood finisher for woodworkers from beginners to pros. It contains extensive how-to material on applying each type of finish and using the tools involved, again explaining how they work so you understand what you are doing when you use them.

The book has over 300 pages, and the current printing is soft cover. There are many photos, both color and black and white, as well as numerous charts and tables laying out info.

Chapters include:

  1. Why Finish Wood, Anyway?
  2. Preparing The Wood Surface
  3. Tools For Applying Finishes
  4. Oil Finishes
  5. Staining Wood
  6. Filling The Pores
  7. Introduction To Film Finishes
  8. Shellac
  9. Lacquer
  10. Varnish
  11. Water-Based Finishes
  12. Conversion Finishes
  13. Choosing A Finish
  14. Finishing The Finish
  15. Caring For The Finish
  16. Repairing Finishes
  17. Finishing Different Woods
  18. Strippers

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