Woodworking Shop Tips by Numerous Woodworkers

Written by Stephen

On July 3, 2021

Woodworking Shop Tips by Numerous Woodworkers

Woodworking Shop Tips

by Numerous Woodworkers

A whole book devoted to nothing but tips, tips and more tips.

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A number of years ago I got a call from an editor at Rodale books, claiming he’d pay me $25 per tip for a book they were doing on tips. Okay I said, and 10 days later I sent him 200 tips, most of which he bought. He bought bunches from many other woodworkers too, and assembled this 300 page book containing only woodworking tips.

A few years later I was talking to some local woodworkers and one told me he had read this book 3 times. I was amazed, but it was a good lesson- dedicated hobbyists like tips and advice, and you’ll find over 1,000 here.

Each tip gets a paragraph or two and a drawing if necessary. As well, there are sidebars and short articles on subjects that require longer treatment. But nothing is longer than a couple of pages, meaning you can pick this up for a two minute quick idea or gorge yourself on woodworking wisdom for hours if you so choose.

The book is broken down into 20 chapters so you can easily look for advice on a specific subject if you like, making the book a useful in-shop reference as well as general guide. The drawings are always simple and to the point, showing just what you need.

Compact and brimming with info, you’ll learn a lot of things you’ll actually use from this book.

Chapters include:

  1. Layout and Measurement
  2. Hand Tools
  3. Clamping and Gluing
  4. Sharpening and Grinding
  5. Joinery
  6. Workbenches, Materials Handling and Storage
  7. Designing and Building Your Own Workbench
  8. Bending
  9. Sanding
  10. Hardware and Fasteners
  11. Dust Collection
  12. Table Saw Tricks
  13. Router Rodeo
  14. Band Saw Boogie and Scroll Saw Sashay
  15. Drill Press and Drills
  16. Radial Arm and Chop Saws
  17. Planers and Jointers
  18. The Lathe
  19. Finishing
  20. Carving

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