Japanese Woodworking Tools by Toshio Odate

Written by Stephen

On July 3, 2021

Japanese Woodworking Tools by Toshio Odate


Japanese Woodworking Tools

by Toshio Odate

Excellent intoduction to Japanese tools.

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If you have an interest in Japanese woodworking tools, this is an excellent place to start. As the name tells us, the focus of this book is on the tools themselves, how they are made, their various forms and configurations, and how they are used. This book is not about Japanese woodworking per se, so you won’t find information on all the marvelously intricate joins made with these tools. But you will get an excellent introduction to the broad range of tools used by the Japanese craftsman, and that subject by itself is enough for one book.

Chapters are organized by tool type, each containing both black and white photos of the tools in use and drawings of the tools. The drawings were done by the author, there are hundreds in the book and they give the book a comprehensive range of detail.

Odate was trained in the traditional ways of Japanese woodworking, and the text is sprinkled with ancedotes about his career in the trade. This book is an excellent intoduction to a tradition that is very different from ours, but still approachable to us.

Chapters Include:

  1. The Workshop
  2. Marking Tools
  3. Saws
  4. Chisels
  5. Planes
  6. Sharpening Stones
  7. Sharpening
  8. Adze and Axes
  9. Hammers
  10. Gimlets
  11. Knives and Other Tools

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