5 Best Woodworking Courses and Workshop Available Online

5 Best Woodworking Courses and Workshop Available Online

Woodworking is quite an art, and it requires a great deal of skills and expertise from your end. Although it can often be a little complex and challenging, one can’t deny that it is super fun, engaging, and exciting at the same time.

If you are particularly new to woodworking, there are many ways through which you can learn this craft, one of which is online courses and workshops.

If you search online, you will come across a plethora of woodworking courses and classes, most of which are super detailed and simple to follow. Along with that, free woodworking plans are also a plus to kick-start your woodworking journey.

To help you get started, here are 5 of the best online workshops available online.

1.    WoodSkills

This is one of the best online platforms for learning the craft of woodworking, where you are provided with numerous woodworking plans, video lectures, and classes.

WoodSkills aims to provide you with a chance to learn woodworking from wherever you are, simply by tapping on your smartphone, laptop, or home computer. The classes and courses offered by this woodworking workshop are quite detailed and comprehensive, with step-by-step guides on using wood to create beautiful masterpieces.

Some of the numerous and unique learning experiences provided by this program include:

  • How to use a variety of hand tools and power tools to cut and shape wood as effectively as they are supposed to be used
  • How to create one-of-a-kind wooden pieces and objects and different ways to design them
  • Ways to use power tools and hand tools together at the same time without compromising the efficiency or function of either of the two
  • Learning different finishing techniques that help create showroom masterpieces
  • The basics of veneering, vacuum veneering and how to re-saw veneers
  • How to create and design woodworking jigs to help simplify and make the processes easy

The best part about platforms like WoodSkills is that every tutorial or online class that they offer are based on actual and real furniture-building expertise.

2.    Skillshare

This is an American learning community that aims to cater to the masses by helping them learn different skills through educational and interactional videos. Among many other things, Skillshare offers great learning opportunities for all those young enthusiasts out there who wish to learn the art of woodworking and creating beautiful objects out of wood.

It offers a wide variety of online classes that have to do with different woodworking skills such as the basics of woodworking, making customized wooden gifts, setting up your own woodshop, how to carve letters in the wood, the use of different power and hand tools, and how to build simple wooden things, to name a few.

The basic skills that these online classes aim to teach you are:

  • Being familiar with using different types of wood
  • The requirement for setting up your own workspace
  • Using different tools such as hammers, chisels, drills, planes, hand saws, etc
  • The techniques of wood-joining
  • Different forms of wood finishes

3.    Woodworkers Guild of America

This is believed to be the ultimate go-to online resource for learning the basic and advanced techniques of woodworking. Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) is an online platform that has been engaging passionate woodworkers, beginner or professional, to help them learn new skills and give a major boost to their wood-making talent.

Initially, this online community used to mail DVDs to woodworking enthusiasts, which contained all the relevant content about this craft. However, eventually, they started a new online channel with educational videos that were just a tap away.

Some of the many skills and experiences provided by this online platform include videos on cabinet making (cabinet doors and cabinet drawers), making different wooden furniture objects, using a variety of hand tools and power tools, working on extensive wood-making projects, and many other things like wood turning, wood joining, etc.

4.    Bluprint

Bluprint is another online community that caters to all those ambitious and curious people who believe in the ‘power of creating.’ If you are passionate about woodworking, this is a great place for you to start and get access to numerous woodworking courses and tutorials.

It not only provides thousands of craft classes but also has so many online shopping deals or you.

It has a plethora of wood-making skills to teach you, which includes cabinet case instruction, drawers for cabinetry, woodturning essentials, basics of woodworking, handy inlay techniques, creating benches and boxes, techniques and tips on how to use a table saw and tenon joinery among many other things.

5.    Common Woodworking

If you are fairly new to woodworking and are looking for the most common and basic woodworking classes, Common Woodworking is the right place for you. This online woodworking community targets all those beginners who have a great interest in this exciting craft, but aren’t really sure where or how to begin.

The main aim of this workshop is to help you attain access to the basic woodworking knowledge and skills that allow you to easily transition from the beginner’s level to the advanced woodworking projects.

Some common and popular courses that you’ll find at Common Woodworking include:

  • How to make a dovetail
  • Making a hanging wall shelf
  • Making spoons and spatulas
  • The technique of making tenon and mortise
  • How to make a chopping board

On top of this, it also has a list of exercises for you to carry out on your own, such as making angled cuts, setting hinges, bench plane setup, using registration faces, and spoke-shave controls, to name a few.

Final Word

The above list of online tools and workshops isn’t exclusive, and there are many more that you will find online; however, these 5 are excellent for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you are completely new to the art of woodworking or you are quite a pro at it, these online classes and tutorials will you a great deal to polish your skills and perhaps even make a career out of woodworking!

Additionally, along with these online courses, you can also seek help from free woodworking plans that you will also find online. These will help you learn more about this craft by acquiring new skills and discovering even better woodworking techniques!

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Best Woodworking Schools in USA to Learn, Design & Create

Best Woodworking Schools in USA to Learn, Design & Create

Woodworking is popularly used in various trades to design, carve, or build objects out of wood. There are several schools in the United States that offer apprenticeship programs, but not many colleges in the USA provide an associate degree, woodworking specialization and professional certificates in woodworking. So, if you’re interested in getting a woodworking degree or simply want to take up woodworking as a skill, you’ve come to the right place.

We are going to be looking at some of the best woodworking courses, classes, and schools in the United States, so that you don’t waste your time searching for them.

Woodworking Schools Overview

Woodworking programs often lead to undergraduate degrees or a professional certificate, while prospective students can choose between advanced and basic skills programs. These are commonly provided by technical and community colleges. We understand the difficulty faced by students who want to take up woodworking or carpentry and have therefore, highlighted the schools that provide the best formal education programs in woodworking in the United States.

These schools are renowned for the comprehensiveness of their programs and offer an extensive range of training techniques that are designed to prepare graduates for success in entry-level careers, and students also have the chance to specialize in their area of interest.

1. Red Rocks Community College

The Fine Woodworking Department at Red Rocks Community College in Arvada, CO has the second-biggest woodworking program in the United States. The Associate of Applied Science in Fine Woodworking is the highest-degree offered in woodworking at this school.

However, there are several professional certificate programs that can be found in the specialized sub-field of woodworking like, woodworking fundamentals, luthier fundamentals, cabinet maker, wood turners, joiner, artisan, and craftsman.

2. Palomar College

Palomar College in San Marcos, CA offers facilities that include three labs with industry-standard equipment and machinery that involves a Haas VF-3 CNC Router. Palomar College has the Department of Cabinet and Furniture Technology that offers Associate of Science degrees and certificate programs in guitar making technology, case furniture construction/manufacturing, carving technology, lathe turning technology, veneering technology, table and chair manufacturing, cabinetmaking and millwork, and woodworking skills technology.

The same curriculum is used in the A.S. and certificate programs with the only exception being that students in the associate degree programs must fulfill all general education requirements.

3. Long Beach City College

The School of Trades and Industrial Technologies at Long Beach City College in Long Beach, California, offers a multitude of certificates and degrees that prepare students for a career in their desired technological field. The school has an Associate of Science degree or you can go for the Certificate of Accomplishment in Carpentry.

How to Become a Woodworker?

You’ll need to have a high school diploma or equivalent to become a woodworker, but there are some entry-level jobs that can be learned in less than a year but becoming proficient will require several years of on-the-job-training.

You will also need to be comfortable using computer-controlled machinery, which is extremely important today. The increasing sophistication of machinery has forced many employers to search for applicants that have either a high school diploma or equivalent.

Education Requirements

People looking for woodworking jobs can improve their job prospects by getting trained in computer applications or math. There are woodworkers who have acquired their skills by taking courses at community colleges or technical schools.

Others managed to do it by attending universities or by getting trained in wood technology, production management, future manufacturing, and wood engineering. These programs prepare students for jobs in management, engineering, production, and supervision, and have become integral due to the advancement and complexity of woodworking technology.

Training Requirements

Education is going to help you a lot in getting a woodworking job, but woodworkers gain most of their training primarily from on-the-job scenarios. This is where they learn and develop skills from experienced woodworkers and beginner level workers are mainly tasked with basic tasks like placing a piece of wood through a machine and then stacking the product at the end of the process.

Once they have gained the necessary experience, new woodworkers can then start performing more complex tasks without any supervision. In a month’s time they would have learnt all basic job tasks and machine operations. If you plan on becoming a skilled woodworker, you should be ready to put in the effort as it takes several months and even years to become skilled. The most skilled woodworkers can set up machines, plan work sequences, and read blueprints.

Licensing and Registration Requirements

Although it’s not required that you are licensed to become a woodworker, getting certified will work in your benefit as it demonstrates your professionalism and competence. It may also help you advance in your profession, and ‘The Woodworker Career Alliance of North America’ offers a national certificate program that has 5 progressive credentials, which adds more credibility to your work as a woodworker.

Important Qualities of a Woodworker

Woodworkers are tasked with manufacturing various kinds of products like furniture and cabinets using laminates, wood, and veneer. They generally incorporate and combine different materials into wood, and because of that they must have certain qualities that help make them who they are. So, if you plan on becoming a woodworker, here are the qualities you must work to develop:

· Technical Skills –

Woodworkers need to interpret and understand design drawings and technical manuals for various machines and products.

· Physical Strength –

Woodworkers need to be super strong as they are often required to lift heavy and bulky pieces of wood.

· Physical Stamina –

Woodworkers are standing for prolonged periods and perform repetitive movements as it is a crucial part of their job. They are standing for most of the day and perform similar functions.

· Mechanical Skills –

Using hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers is also required for setting up, calibrating, and adjusting machines with most modern technology systems requiring woodworkers to use computers.

· Math Skills –

Basic knowledge of math is helpful for those working in manufacturing where technology continues to advance, and woodworkers must know about basic geometry to visualize three-dimensional wooden objects like a cabinet or piece of furniture.

· Dexterity –

Woodworkers need to make precise cuts with various hand tools and power tools, so they must keep a steady hand and have great hand-eye coordination.

· Detail Oriented –

Woodworkers must pay attention to details to keep themselves safe and meet specifications of their wood working project.

Final Word

Woodworking is a dependable profession that not only pays well but also offers rewarding experiences for the individuals involved. However, it’s not easy work, and you’ll need to keep on studying new techniques to stay ahead in the field. The woodworking courses we have mentioned will help you improve your basic woodworking skills and allow you to have a long and distinguished career.

Let us know of other woodworking courses and classes or schools that you have attended in the US that had a profound impact on your woodworking skills.

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